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Wednesday, May 21

The Reeds

Please note, whenever I find an artist or band that really catches my attention (and keeps my attention) I like to support them, so forgive me if I get carried away... 

image copyright The Reeds band

I discovered the fantastic, bluesy duo, The Reeds, about two years ago, and I have loved their music ever since. The first time I heard them live was at Hot Corner Coffee in Athens (for you Atlanta/Decatur natives, think Java Monkey-esque). These Athens-based gentlemen have captured my heart with their genuine acoustic soul guitar lines, violin harmonies, and incredible lyrics that produce a sound that is all their own. I was introduced to The Reeds with their album "Something for Sarah" which drew me in completely with songs like Heavy and #143. Their new album "Bleed Lust" has proven to continue the trend of amazing artistry. The intertwining of the blues guitar and the violin is absolutely beautiful, and the lyrics capture emotions so completely human, that one can't help but relate. Although I love every song on the album, Cold Georgia Night, Whiskey Eyes, and When We Touch have been on constant iPod replay lately. Still, no matter how many times I have heard the songs, old or new, I never get tired of them, and that says a lot to me. 

Another really cool thing about The Reeds is that they have their songs on their website available for free download. Some unsigned/independent artists do this because they need people to listen to their songs or in an effort to attract fans; I believe that The Reeds do it because its really about the music for them. That's why I decided to purchase "Bleed Lust" on iTunes and support them financially. I look forward to seeing these gentleman play sometime soon, and I will keep you posted for the date of their next show.

image copyright The Reeds band

We are in this for the music, and in that spirit you can download our songs here for free.  All we ask is that you support us by coming to shows. If you would like to support us financially, our music is available on and iTunes
*excerpt from The Reeds official website


AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for sharing, Ash! I'd never heard of them before.

Ashley said...

Hope you like it!! I just can't get enough of their sound... definitely something I don't tire of.

beccaweber said...

i'm gonna give them a listen.

also, the band i told you that i wanted to burn their cd for you is called the secret life of sofia. hilary took me to one of their shows in nyc, and they're awesome! maybe i can remember to burn their albums for you before the girlfriend gaming party? anyway, give them a listen & let me know what you think.