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Saturday, July 31

Coffeemaker Crazy

As much as I hate to part with my tiffany blue coffee maker, I think the time has finally come.  It turns off mid-brew, and the "on" button is completely missing so turning it on requires a bit of skill. So, after four years of loyal coffee brewing, I began the search for a new coffee maker. Turns out it's not as easy as I had imagined. I have already brought two home and returned them and am up to my ears reading reviews. I want something that will flow with the white and bamboo in our kitchen, but I also want it to have a slightly retro feel. 

Here are some of the current contenders:
Kitchenaid vs. Cuisinart
These are (obviously) very similar styles, and both of them have mixed reviews. Half the purchasers love their choice, and the other half hate it.

Hamilton Beach vs. Cuisinart
The HB reviews state that it is difficult to pour cold water in the the reservoir, which really is quite small. A few Cuisinart reviewers said that their units stopped working after only six months.

Krupps vs. DeLonghi
Same mixed reviews with Krupps... water drips on the outside, coffee drips when pours. I do really like the look of it, though. The Delonghi has no reviews. (Is that good or bad?!)

What are your opinions? I want something that will look great sitting on the counter, but I also want it to work well for the next several years. What coffee makers do you use?

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Friday, July 30

Run This: Leadville Trail 100

The Leadville Trail 100 mile race began 29 years ago when ex-miner Ken Chlouber invented the "Race Across the Sky" to generate tourism in the city. The first LT 100 had 45 runners, only 10 of whom actually finished. To date the course follows the same 50 miles out and back as the original route, winding through the Rockies and topping out at 12,600 feet at Hope Pass. (It's important to note, too, that the lowest point in the trail is 9,300 feet.) The racers are provided with flashlights and batteries as approximately half of the race is run in utter darkness, (old mining roads in the mountains don't have street lights) and typically only a little over half of the runners make it to the finish. Exhaustion, broken ankles, and altitude sickness are common in the Leadville ER the weekend of the race.

{image credit}

While I will admit that the idea of a 100 mile race is slightly intriguing, I definitely don't see myself actually withstanding 30 hours of running, half of which may be in the dark. (The 4:00 AM start time and mandatory medical check are also great deterrents.) The Marathon and Heavy Half Marathon, however, are a bit more within my reach. The half/marathon course winds its way through the historic mining district of Leadville via old mining roads and tops out at the 13,185 feet of Mosquito Pass. Not exactly your weekend trail run, but an appealing challenge nonetheless.

{click to enlarge}

So if you are in the Leadville, CO area during the summer months, there are a number of events for you to attend. From Lance-approved mountain bike races, to 10ks and training camps, Leadville has definitely made a business out of its trial running. But don't worry about the crowds of racers, Leadville still maintains it's small town affections. One participant described the trail 100 mountain bike race as riding with 1500 of your friends.

{image credit}
{read more about the LT 100 history here.}

Happy Trails.

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Monday, July 26

Happiness is...

buttons (and childhood memories).

When I was a little girl I used to play in my mother's sewing box while she mended the knees of jeans and restitched buttons on our coats. My favorite part of the box was the seemingly hundreds of tiny slots containing the buttons, all arranged by color and size. I would sit by the sewing machine and help sort the buttons when they got mixed up.

What is making you happy on this Monday?

images via we heart it
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Saturday, July 24

Just Jade

I love collecting vintage jade kitchen ware. The pale green is both classic and chic and adds a bit of vintage flare to the natural bamboo and white in my kitchen. But jade isn't just for antique mixing bowls and sugar dispensers. These green pieces below are perfect for everything from a girl's brunch to a date night to work wear.

Artemis Dress - Modcloth
Pin Up Heels - Anthropologie
Indie-candescent Dress - Modcloth
Style State-Mint Dress - Modcloth
Dorian Wedges - J Crew
Free As A Bird Blouse - Modcloth
City Field Bag - Anthropologie
How Do You Dew Top - Modcloth
Ikat Scarf - Madewell
Rimni cardigan - J Crew
Frill Neck Silk Vest - Topshop
Emerald Green Wellies - Hunter
After Dinner Mint Clutch - Modcloth


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Friday, July 23

Favorite Things Giveaway: Blushing Baubles

*Note: This give away is now closed. Please check back for another soon!

Dressed to the tens.

That's how someone once referred to my bestie's ever-polished wardrobe. Not too overdone, but definitely not understated. A perfect mix of trendy and chic. That's how I like to think of accessories, as the final touch on an outfit that takes it from a nine to a ten.

When it comes to necklaces, I tend toward statement pieces with lots of color and/or texture. One of my favorite places to find interesting jewelry is Ann Taylor Loft, so I am giving away this Loft necklace to one of you! I adore the different shades of pink beads and the simple silver links. This piece would dress up a jeans & tee look or add the finishing touch to a dress quite nicely.

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me what you would pair this necklace with!
For an extra entry, become a follower here or here.
*Edit: if you already follow, let me know in your comment. It will count as your extra entry!

The giveaway will close on Wednesday, August 4th.


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Tuesday, July 20

Sweet Sweet Sui

Anna Sui has been among my favorite designers since about middle school. I simply adore the mix of feminine and pattern in her work, and I feel great wearing the pieces she creates. Working at Anthropologie during college was almost torturous since I couldn't bring myself to splurge on any her beautiful dresses at that time. Fortunately, however, I have grown up a bit since my 19 year-old retail days. Although this top is from her Gossip Girl-inspired Target line, it is still as precious to me as the silk dresses that it hangs beside.

Anna Sui for Target silk top, The Loft denim leggings, vintage belt and bangle, Steve Madden shoes, Michael Kors bag


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Monday, July 19

Junk (tbd)

One of my favorite ways to spend a morning is sitting at my desk with a big cup of joe, catching up of all of my favorite blogs. From inspiration to entertainment, reading what each of you have to share is an absolute joy. A new addition to my daily reads, Love this Junk is quickly becoming one of my faves. {It doesn't hurt that the author is also one of my fave friends.} From book lists to hunky vamps to hilarious rants, Junk covers it all. If you like(d) Kindredly, you'll love Junk. Go check it. Now. I promise that you won't be disappointed.


image via we heart it
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Friday, July 16

French Apple Tart

Although apples are traditionally a fall fruit, I can't help but munch on them all year round. There's something so very charming about the sweet simplicity of an apple. Not to mention how well the taste pairs with everything from sharp cheddar to peanut butter to pork. So when I stumbled upon this Barefoot Contessa recipe in my cook book the other day, I decided that a French Apple Tart was the perfect companion to a summer weekend.

I used gala apples instead of granny smith to give a slightly sweeter taste, and chose a dark rum at the advice of a good friend. The oven-baked apples came out golden, and the apricot & rum glaze gave the tart a delicious warmth that paired just as well with vanilla bean ice cream as it did with sharp cheddar.


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Thursday, July 15

A, B, C, Easy as 1, 2, 3

I am not generally a fan of clothing with words or letters, but something about this dress pulled me in. Although I tend to stay away from long skirts as they typically make me look shorter, I think there is a certain charm to this dress. It may not be the most flattering piece in my wardrobe, but it's comfortable and breezy. Two things that are an absolute must in this scorching southern heat.


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Favorite Things Giveaway Series!

In honor of all the little things in life that make it that much sweeter, I will be hosting a giveaway series based on some of my favorite things. I figured summer is the perfect time to celebrate these small indulgences, and I hope that they will make your days just a bit brighter! From girly and frivolous to practical and outdoorsy, I have a few items up my sleeve that I would love for you to win.

{image via we heart it}

Check back early next week for the first part of the series!

Tuesday, July 13


I am generally not a fan of shorts and tend to stick with skirts in the summer, but when I saw these safari-inspired walking shorts, I decided to give them a try. You know how I enjoy menswear inspired pieces {evidence here}, and I think they pair quite well with a blazer and dainty heels. The lightweight material is perfect in this southern heat, and the shorts have a slightly more polished look than most of my cotton sundresses.

One problem that I have in the summer is that as soon as I step inside somewhere, I am freezing. Don't get me wrong; I am incredibly thankful for the arctic air conditioning that most places have, I just end up toting around a sweater or cardigan everywhere. That's why I love this seersucker blazer. It's light enough to feel summery, but warm enough to keep me comfy in the icy air conditioned buildings.

H&M blazer & shorts, Target tank & socks, Urban Outfitters belt, gifted necklace and hammered ring, Anthropologie sandals


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Monday, July 12

Megga Veggie Pizza

When it comes to food and cooking, I love trying new and different things, so part of me is slightly ashamed to admit that pizza is probably my favorite food. Not exactly the most grown-up choice, but a good slice of pizza can make just about any bad day better. So, this past Friday night, I decided that a homemade pizza was the perfect cure for the work week blues.

I cheated a bit and bought dough from the bakery. Homemade pizza dough can be a bit tricky.

Freshly grated mozzerella, onions, green bell pepper, marinated artichokes, black olives, spinach, and fire roasted tomatoes made up the toppings.

Fresh basil leaves and just a bit of minced garlic for extra flavor.


Happy (pizza) eating.

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Sunday, July 11

Style Tips from the Dutch

When it comes to clogs, one tends to think of a little girl with blond braids yodeling away on a mountain side. This ever-popular footwear is historically associated with Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden and is typically worn by rural workers for protection. Clogs have come a long way since their nineteenth century debut, and although I wouldn't bet my toes against sharp objects in any of these, they do combine the traditional Dutch style with effortless finesse.

{clockwise from the top}
1. Jose Get On Up Slingbacks - Bloomingdales
2. Prima Sling Clog - Topshop
3. DVF Octavia Wedge - Nieman Marcus
6. Jessica Simpson Winsy - Piperlime


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Thursday, July 8

Fourth of July in the Mountains

This past weekend was an absolute delight as husband and I were able to head to the north Georgia mountains and spend a few days with a few good friends. The weather was incredible, with cool mornings and nights that required a sweater or campfire for warmth and sunny days that begged for swimming in the waterfalls. Here is how we spent the weekend.....

staying at the cabin {complete with a porch swing}

white water kayaking on the river

lots of fresh berries were made into a cobbler

a hike to three forks waterfalls

picking wild blackberries beside the road

campfires at night

Hope your long weekend was equally as relaxing.

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