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Thursday, July 3

A Night of Nintendo Frivolities

When the marketing firm Brand About Town contacted me a few months ago to become a "Brand Enthusiast", I was extremely skeptical and shrugged off the email as spam. After meeting with one of the firm's representatives, Justine, however, I changed my mind. Justine was everything that I had not expected... completely at ease, honest, laid back, and genuinely interesting and interested in Hiking in Stilettos. Here's the gist of it... Nintendo is trying to reach the young, professional female market. Let's face it, most of us wouldn't think twice about video games of any kind. (I know that I definitely didn't. In fact, I often rolled my eyes at the mention of an X-box or Play Station.) Also, much like my fellow bloggers the AsianCajuns, I wasn't drawn in by the celebrity commercials, although they are quite cute. Like the AC said, you don't get this market just because Liv Tyler stars in your ads. However, after playing games like Brain Age 2, Mariokart, and Guitar Hero, the Nintendo DS has changed my mind.  

So, last month I hosted a "Girlfriends Guide to Gaming" party in Atlanta, and we had such a great time! The GGG party was sponsored by Nintendo, and came complete with delicious (veggie-friendly) snacks, yummy desserts, bubbly drinks, wonderful ambience, and very helpful Nintendo "Girlfriends" dressed in adorable black mini dresses and heels. Also, every lovely lady that attended the party received a free Nintendo DS, the game Brain Age 2, and a really cute charm bracelet! Basically, we talked, hung out, played Mariokart, Guitar Hero, Brain Age 2, and Crosswords, snacked and sipped for three hours. (Honestly though, it seemed like only a few minutes!) 

I love the adorable charm bracelets that we received.. a charm for each game that we played! Plus, the vintage tee shirt pillows were cute enough to steal! Just kidding, although you can expect a DYI post sometime in the future about those....

One half of the Asian Cajuns, Lauren, and Becca writing wonderful notes on my chalkboard!

Lovely ladies deep in thought at the Brain Age station.

Yours truly, Becca, Kat, Catherine and Lauren of AC, and a Nintendo Girlfriend as they were receiving their own DS's!

My blackboard with sweet things that my lovely friends had written.

Playing Guitar Hero with my beautiful boss! (You would never believe that she has two children and survived radiation and a double mastectomy from stage 3 breast cancer... talk about an inspiration.)

Me, Becca, Kat, Catherine, and Lauren... Agnes Scott alumnae group!

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