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Friday, May 29


The weekend forecast for my part of the world is sunny and warm. Here is how I plan to spend my days:

1. A trip to A Capella Books in Little Five Points....
image credit

followed by a trip here {because we'll be in the area and they have the best hummus!}image credit

2. Picking blueberries from a local organic farm....
image credit

in order to try my hand at homemade blueberry scones!
image credit
stay tuned for the {low-fat} recipe and the outcome!

3. Perusing a few antique stores...
image credit

4. Attempting a few DIY projects around the house...
including a patio revamp...image credit

Now it's your turn! What are your plans for this lovely summer weekend?

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Saturday, May 23

Summer Reading

Among my favorite things about summer months are the lack of schoolwork and the endless amount of sunshine that call me towards libraries and bookstores to no end. I will often read through an entire novel in a matter of a day or two simply because I don't wish to put it down. I think it's a bit of an addiction, actually, but I figure there are vices much worse than literature. Here's my shortlist of summer reading thus far:

recommended by the lovely Jessie of The Lucky Stone

recommended by my girl, SmockandBustle

What is on your reading list, my lovelies? I can't wait for your suggestions!

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Thursday, May 21

happiness {is}...

Impromptu {roadside} photo shoots {on moving day}:

image credit: kcc12 on Flickr

Please excuse the, ahem, casual attire.
I dressed according to our task of moving furniture from my apartment, not for an outfit post.

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Wednesday, May 20


Flower, originally uploaded by kcc12.

Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844

Flickr Search: Oiseau

La recherche d'inspiration. Heureux d'inspiration, mes amis.

"Parfois l'oiseau arrive vite
mais il peut aussi mettre de longues années
avant de se décider
Ne pas se décourager
attendre s'il le faut pendant des années
la vitesse ou la lenteur de l'arrivée de l'oiseau
n'ayant aucun rapport
avec la réussite du tableau

(Jacques Prévert)

{Sometimes the bird comes quickly
but it can just as well take many years
before deciding
Don’t be disheartened
wait years if need be
the pace of the bird’s arrival
bearing no relation
to the success of the painting}

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Friday, May 15

Splitting Hairs

Like many of my girlfriends before me, I decided a few months ago to grow my hair out for my upcoming wedding. The plan for the day is a low, loose pony-tail pulled a bit to the side, complementing my side-swept bangs. My hair is naturally quite wavy, so I think the overall effect will be lovely... but I digress. Here's the point of this post: What to do after the day?

Originally I had decided to revert back to my short, messy dark look, complete with long bangs (evidenced here, here, and here.) After being inspired by the following ladies, however, I think I will give long locks another try. The bangs, on the other hand, I still plan to cut. I really miss them....

I am incredibly jealous of Lar's ability to pile all of her hair atop her head.
 The look is effortlessly chic and perfect for humid summer days in the Southeast.

And what for you, my lovely readers? Do you have any hairstyle changes in mind for yourselves? 

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Wednesday, May 13

our {long} weekend {in pictures}

As a vacation of sorts, K and I spent a long weekend in town just laying low, enjoying time together sans studying, working, or being on call. Here is some happiness from our blissful three days...

{colorful pansies...}

feeding the {outcast} duck outside our apartment...
this little guy is always getting picked on by the other ducks. seriously.

roasted asparagus. yum.

fresh strawberries from a farm just down the street
{at times i do love living in the country}

stopping to smell the roses {literally}...

{meet fluffy}
we saved this little dude during his attempted road crossing.

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Monday, May 11


For those of you who may be interested, the Gap/Banana Republic/Piperlime family has a new member, Athleta. As its name states, Athleta is a site for contemporary athletic wear. The site cleverly allows you to shop by sport for everything from yoga to swimming to triathlons. Athleta has definitely caught my attention with its vibrant apparel proving my point that ones workout wear can still be {somewhat} fashionable. Just because you just left a yoga class doesn't mean you must run about in old, ugly sweats. Here are some of my favorites from the site....

For Yoga:
Adjustable Tunic Cami, Organic Cobra Capri, and Classic Cardy Boot


Tattoo Tank, Henna Skirted Capri, and Molly Flats

For the Gym or Running:

The Go Go Dress (If you think running in a dress is not possible, click here.)


Organic Soul Shine Tank and Groove Skort

For Performance Swimming or Triathlon:

Ginger Reversible Suit (I actually like the other side better. Click here to see it.)

Have any of you lovelies visited the Athleta website or ordered anything? Let me know what some of your favorites are!

All images taken from Athleta website
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Sunday, May 10

{ma mère}

happy mother's day

my best friend, my confidant, my partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on
my constant source of encouragement
my constant ray of sunlight
my daily inspiration, my daily conversation
my soft-spoken words of love

twenty-six years overflowing of
hugs, kisses, squeezes, hand-holds
countless moments of uncontrollable laughter
enough smiles to fill the seas
forgiveness greater than all my mistakes
sacrifices i know nothing of
more love than i thought humanly possible

{i would always choose you to be mine}

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Sunday, May 3


Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air...
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Saturday, May 2

Tour de Cycling

K and I spent last two weekends enjoying all things cycling (bicycling that is), including mountain biking at Dauset Trails, a mountain bike clinic at Fort Yargo State Park, and the annual Twilight criterion race in Athens.

Muddy mountain bikes after an off-road triathlon at Fort Yargo

Dauset Trails is a nature center in Jackson, Georgia that includes over 17 miles of trails perfect for mountain biking. Although I am somewhat new to the mountain bike scene, I really enjoy speeding through the woods over roots and up and down hills... just leave me to the green trails. I did take a few spills, one of which was simply due to my inability to unclip quickly from my pedals, so I hit the ground. The other two were legitimate falls, as I tried to keep up with K on the blue trails. I ended up walking most of those, so next time it'll just be greens for me. Overall, I had a great time, despite my bruised and bleeding knee.

K on his mountain bike looking like a pro.

The Twilight race in Athens is always quite an event, as the entire town comes out to watch the night races. There are various races throughout the day, and cyclists must qualify in the morning races to participate in the main event at night. We headed downtown around 5:00 to catch the amateur race and the women's pro race before the men's pro race, which begins at twilight.

I definitely would not want to be in the middle of that pack!

We moved to a different part of the track for the men's pro race so we could try to identify our friends in the race and cheer for them. This was actually quite difficult as the cyclists were travelling at about 45mph and looked like a big blur as they passed.

Trying to figure out which of the riders were our friends. For some reason it was easier to tell after they had passed.

The evening was a definite success, and our friends Joseph and Frank did well in the pro race. We had a chance to eat at one of our favorite Athens restaurants, Transmetropolitan, and see a lot of our good friends, including Cath of the AsianCajuns! I also had some time to catch up with some of my fellow future pharmacists that I haven't seen since we began rotations. Overall, it was a great evening. I am tyring to convince K to at least try the amateur race next year, so come join us for Twilight 2010 and watch him race!

Outfit Details: dress and scarf, F21; boots, pearls, clutch, and sunnies, vintage; "A" necklace, Anthro

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