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Wednesday, April 25

DIY: Song Lyric Art

A while ago I posted about how this Switchfoot song spoke so directly to my heart. Since then, I've decided to create a piece of art as a daily reminder that even my innermost being is constantly longing for the love of my Savior.

I'm completely new at this as I have no experience in screen printing or design, but here's my first draft, a simple word document. Not bad for a pharmacist, I'd say. Since many of you are way more artistically inclined {ahem, Lesley, Natalie, Lar} than yours truly, I would like your suggestions. I like the idea of a colored but neutral background, small text in different directions, and the use of a limited color pallet.

As for the printing process, I'm not sure whether to use a screen print company or try out the local FedEx Kinkos. Thoughts?


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Tuesday, April 24

A Big Thank You

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on Friday's post. It honestly warms my heart to know that you all share in my joy over this accomplishment.  From IRL friends to blog-bonded friends and acquaintances alike, your support and encouragement are deeply cherished. 

I think that one of the most rewarding things about this internet society is the founding of new friendships - across town, across the country and even across the seas. As cliche as it sounds, I truly enjoy reading your comments, catching up on your blogs, and building those relationships that otherwise would have never existed.

So thanks. For your encouragement, your comments, for reading and for exploring this world of internet friendships with me.


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Monday, April 23

LIght it Up

One of the million projects on my list for our new house is updating the light fixtures. {I'm fairly certain that they haven't changed since the 1980s....} Since the majority of our furniture is vintage, we want to balance the space with crisp, modern and industrial lighting.

 Atelier de Troup - Swing Sconce 
Far and Wide Sconce - Anthropologie 
Monty Task Lamp - Jayson Home
Jupiter Chandelier - Z Gallerie 
Belvedere Chandelier - Z Gallerie
Firefly Pendant - CB2 
St. Charles Mercury pendant - Jamie Young**

1, 2, 3 - Master bedroom
 When it comes to tabletop lamps, I have the living room and guest bedrooms covered. I love the ones I've collected thus far - a mix of vintage, colored glass and raw bamboo. The only tabletop lamps we need to update are the ones in the master bedroom.  We've decided on a minimal bed frame and no headboard and are toying with the idea mounted sconces*. Other possibilities include simple, modern desk-style lamps or mismatched vintage lamps.

4, 5 - Dining Room
 Another project on our list is building a farm table and finding the perfect blend of mismatched chairs to accompany it. The decision on a light fixture for this room will most likely wait until after the table is built, especially since I'm torn between modern and vintage, but definitely something dramatic.  
Perhaps this? (via  Apparatus Studio

6, 7 - Kitchen
The kitchen has a large open space where we're thinking a breakfast table would fit nicely. Because the space is so open, I'm thinking a collection of smaller pendants or industrial cage lights would balance out this space.

Do you have any favorite places to find lighting fixtures?

*Since I refuse to drop $1000 for two bedside lamps, I'm on the hunt for more affordable and/or DIY versions of these inspiration sconces.
**A grouping of these would make a fun light display over the breakfast table in our kitchen.

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Friday, April 20

Friday Favorites

Today is my last day of pharmacy school.

Much like the emotional roller coaster of buying a home, today {and the days to come - senior banquet, graduation} hold a host of emotions. Excitement, relief, pride, joy, sadness, the hope of a limitless future. It's been a long but sweet journey, and as excited as I am for a new chapter, this goodbye is bittersweet.

Here's looking forward to girl time with kindredly {hello, girl crush} and dinner with our husbands, baking my great-grandmother's sour cream pound cake, and a  celebration for my grandmother's 80th birthday.

Also loving:
Elise Vaughn's pinterest site 
An over-sized gold sequin clutch
Blonde hair
This sequin clutch that I splurged on for graduation
A girl's beach trip planned for August

Happy weekend.

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Thursday, April 19

Wishlist: Our First House

In a little over a week husband and I will be moving into our first house. Like all other first-home buyers, we've been on a roller coaster of emotions throughout this process. It's a bittersweet mix of excitement, anxiety, responsibility, and endless opportunity, but it is most definitely more sweet than bitter. It's never easy to close the door on a chapter of life, but it is most certainly time to do so. 

The most exciting part is the fact that we can finally create the kind of space that we truly desire. As I look forward to our new home, here are a few of the things I hope to add as we create our modern meets rustic living space.

Where we sleep:
Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet - West Elm
Organic Peracle Sheets - CB2 
Cable Knit Comforter - Glenie on Etsy
Latitude Grellow Dresser - CB2
As much as I love color, I've decided to keep things clean and crisp with beige and white tones for our bedding. I'm still trying to find a comforter similar to this one; hopefully Glenie is willing to knit me a queen size blanket. 

Glass Jar Pendants - West Elm
Wave Opaline Knob - Anthropologie

Living space & Sunroom:
Club 2-Tone Chair - CB2
 Periodic Table Print - Franky Lee on Etsy
Fur pouf - PB Teen

Luxe Shine Wallpaper - Anthropologie
I love the idea of a fun print in a small space.

Here's looking forward to the adventure.

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Wednesday, April 18

Paleo Pumpkin Cashew Coconut Curry*

Recently I've been in a bit of a recipe rut, always making the same few things over a two week rotation. Now that I have more time to try new things, I'm devouring this site and this one. This pumpkin cashew coconut curry was definitely one of my favorites. I adjusted the spices a bit to tone down the heat and added chopped zucchini, but the end result was perfect. The pumpkin and curry powder create a creamy sauce, and the sticky rice has a lovely coconut undertone. Next time, I think I'll add avocado and spinach as well. 

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

*Wow, say that name five times fast.

Tuesday, April 17

Office Everyday

This outfit is one of my standbys for the end of the week I-don't-know-what-to-wear-to-work blues. Pale pink + black + stripes = a no brainer. 

In other news, I have a new-found obsession with the side knot. Last week saw the side knot three days in a row. Eat your heart out, top knot...

 Loft blazer (similar here), H&M blouse, BDG skinnies, Nine West pumps (similar here, I also like these), vintage pearls, vintage & Loft bracelets
We may need a side knot intervention (or a flatiron) over here soon.

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Monday, April 16


This past weekend was simply gorgeous - blue skies, warm temperatures, sunny days. Husband and I spent the weekend hanging out around our rental home since this is the last weekend we will be here. {Next weekend we have plans and the following is moving weekend!} We soaked up the afternoon sun on a blanket in the backyard, went for one last lake-side trail run, made delicious brunch {including paleo biscuits and homemade granola} and lounged around the living room. We did manage to get a bit of packing done, and snagged a few paint samples for our new home.  Overall it was a perfectly relaxing weekend.
As you can see, I'm obsessed with the side knot {see tomorrow's post}.

How was your weekend?

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Friday, April 13

Friday Favorites


Today I need to remember the numerous reasons why my life is so wonderful - not because I have it all figured out or because I have the perfect job or the perfect husband or the perfect insert-whatever-here. My life is wonderful because I have the unfailing love and grace of the holy Savior, a husband who chooses to love me above any other, a family I can always count on, and friends who never fail to brighten my days. I come home to a house full of love and energy, to a sweet, playful pup who is always ready for a trail run, and to the most wonderful, caring man I have ever met.

Other, lighter-note favorites include:
these perfect-for-work summer wedges
this song and the accompanying video - I want to be at that party! 
a fan since the OC, I love me some LC

Happy weekend.

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Thursday, April 12

Pink Out

With last weekend being one of my favorite holidays, I decided to pull out one of my favorite skirts. Despite its vibrant color and floral pattern, I find it quite versatile in my wardrobe... with a structured black top, for mixing patterns, or when craving head to toe pink.

H&M blouse, F21 skirt, J. Crew belt, Steve Madden platforms, Anthropologie necklace, vintage and Loft bracelets 
I feel a bit like Elle Woods in this outfit, which is never a bad thing in my book.

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Wednesday, April 11


These past couple weeks have found me in a constant state of daydreaming... drumming up ideas for a professional wardrobe, scouring Outside magazines for tropical summer destinations, and perusing paint colors for our new home.

Dream world.
crop tops, summer trips, champagne, fashion magazines

Too bad I actually have work to do, right?
presentations, manuscripts, studying for boards

This time next week, however, my dream world will become my reality.  
{For my first week off, I plan on ignoring the fact that I still have to study for the board exam. I think it's a well-deserved few days of ignorance.}

One week, people. Just one more week of school left.. forever!

Until then,

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Monday, April 9

Weekend Adventure No. 331: Upper Chattahoochee Campground

Lately husband and I have both been suffering from a bit of wanderlust. Maybe due to the insanely beautiful weather, the long list of upcoming changes in our lives, or just the constant need to feel connected to nature... either way, we needed a little weekend escape. Our original plan was to head back to one of our favorite spots in Tate City, but despite our early morning arrival on Saturday, all of the campsites were taken! After getting over our disappointment and scouring the map for another campground, we decided to head to the Chatahoochee River area. The site where we ended up was just perfect. In fact, it may very well be a new favorite of ours.

The weather was simply gorgeous on Saturday with warm sunshine and a cool breeze. It cooled off a bit after sundown, making the campfire the perfect companion to storytelling and dreaming up ideas for our house.

This was the pup's first camping trip, and suffice to say that he's definitely found the right family with us. He loved the water... After he realized it was okay to get in, he went bounding through the river full force. More than once he caught a wild hair and ran full speed in circles picking up sticks and running into trees {I kid you not}. It's safe to say he enjoyed the adventure.

We are planning a return trip in the future with plans to visit this section of the AT, which is nearby.


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Friday, April 6

Good Friday Favorites

This weekend is one of my favorite of the year, with today being Good Friday and Sunday being Easter. It's the perfect time to stop and reflect upon the suffering that our Savior endured simply because of His great love for us... A time to remember how precious our families are and how our time with them is so limited.

Today is Friday, the day that Jesus was betrayed, beaten and crucified. The day that Peter doubted. Today is a day of pain and suffering... but Sunday is coming. 
And Sunday is a day of resurrection and healing, of triumph. It is a display of the Lord's undeniable glory.

A great article on marriage imagery in the gospel.
My favorite daily podcasts for biblical understanding and application.

Happy Easter.

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Wednesday, April 4

Signs of Summer

Both winter and spring were short-lived in the South. We've un-officially moved directly into summer, with daily highs approaching ninety and brilliant blue skies filled with sunshine. And even though I know it's going to be hellacious come August {hello, southern humidity}, I'm really enjoying the warm weather and allowing some of my favorite summer traditions to creep into our weekend activities - like enjoying my favorite salad on the patio, daily walks around the neighborhood, and sparkling grapefruit beverages.

Happy summertime, y'all.

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Tuesday, April 3

Simple Improvements: On a Roll

I found this leather and wood chair a while ago at the local Habitat for Humaity REstore and have been wanting to transform it into a more functional desk chair ever since. I love the simplicity of the black leather and the worn scratches in the wooden arms. Plus, I think it will look great in our new office... once we move into the house, paint the room, build a wall mounted double desk, and find a clear lucite chair for my side. But those are minor details, right?

The process was more than easy. Remove the nails from the chair legs, drill new holes into the legs {while being oh so careful to maintain the correct angle and not drill through to the outside}, place the hardware into the legs, and viola. A new, rolling desk chair.

Grand total cost: $22
{$10 chair, $12 two packs of casters}


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Monday, April 2

Professional Portfolio

My professional wardrobe wishlist is honestly pretty extensive. Not surprising considering that dressing up five days a week is something I've been doing for quite a while now, but I've had only a limited amount {namely $0} to spend on decent wardrobe updates. A few key items on my list include skirts (well-fitting, colorful pencil skirts, feminine silhouettes), a nice watch, an overtly girly dress, and comfortable wedges.

 a lovely white top to compliment this pink pencil, or this polka dot skirt
 the perfect summer dress

What's on your summer wishlist?

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