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Wednesday, February 29

When I Grow Up

With only eight weeks of school left (!!!!), the hot topic with my fellow pharmacy students is what everyone will do with his/her first paycheck. This past year of rotations meant working 40 plus {big emphasis on the plus here} hours a week without pay, and outside jobs are difficult to work into such a schedule. Husband and I haven't been able to justify spending money on things that we know could wait until I start working full time. But now that freedom is a mere two months away, I've allowed myself a small list of things my first year of few paychecks may supply.

A stand mixer
A brightly colored pencil skirt
A killer pair of heels
New bedding
A custom leather holster for my sweet husband
A new bag 
A washer & dryer
A new bed
{husband and I are going to make our own -- a minimal, dark wood bed frame}
A new computer for my sweet mother

The yellow version of my favorite carryall for my sister

And so the countdown begins...

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Tuesday, February 28

A Weekend Story

1930: raining & cool, pizza night

0900: cold & sunny, toasted french bread, a delicious golden delicious, eggs & apricot jam
1600: afternoon walk, beginning of the sunset through the trees, no makeup
1800: soon-to-be roasted veggies

1300: warm and sunny trail run
1600: sleepy, snuggly pup
1700: onions & peppers for the week's brown bags
2100: early to bed, early to rise


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Monday, February 27

Spring Inspiration

I think it's easy this time of year to get trapped in tunnel vision. It's still too cold for bare legs with skirts, stores are brimming with bright colors and tanks, and all you can think about is vacation plans, springtime outings, and warmer weather. This year is especially hard for me as April 20th marks my last day of school. Ever. It's been a long road... four year of undergrad, a year as a lab assistant, two years working full time, and four years of pharmacy school. Part of me will miss the academic setting, but the much larger part of me is ready and willing to embrace the promise of change. That being said, my day to day is often difficult to digest. But I don't want to become so focused on the future that I forget to live in the present. Call it materialistic or trivial, but one way I combat the tunnel-vision blues is through surrounding myself daily with things I adore and, more importantly, taking the time to enjoy them. Everything from my sweet husband to fresh flowers and colorful ensembles adds a taste of happiness to the daily mundane. And when I need a just bit of inspiration, these things {and this, always this} have been my current source.

images here
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Thursday, February 23


A pair of bright skinnies has been on my wishlist for quite a while now. Torn between price tag of the ones I'm eying at J. Crew and the fact that I'm currently between jobs, I assumed they would be a small splurge I would allow myself in a couple months. Then, however, I found these {this image lists them as cobalt, but mine aren't as saturated}. Torn between pale yellow or blue, the hardest part was deciding on the color. The periwinkle fits perfectly into my wardrobe, and I just happened to have a rewards discount that made my purchase justifiable. Added bonus is that the pale hues lend themselves to a more professional look and work equally well with a structured white blouse and a billowy summer tank.

Anthropologie sweater, Loft blouse & trousers, F21 scarf & ring, boutique wedges, Old Navy bag, Revlon British Red lipstick


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Wednesday, February 22

On My Mind this Wednesday Morning: I Love Yous

Old photos of K's mom & dad

Lately I've been thinking about how often I tell those closest to me how much I love and appreciate them. Growing up, I never doubted my parent's love. There were so many hugs, kisses and I love yous that I always felt secure in their view of me. Even today each phone call or meeting with my family ends with an I love you. I tell my husband daily how I love him, but usually only once a day. I know some people feel that over-using the phrase makes it less meaningful, and I can see that logic. But ever since we lost K's mom in September, I can't help but feel differently. Sometimes I think about all the things I wish I had said and the conversations I wish we had spoken, the small and the large -- of what she would say about our first house, of hearing her opinion on painting the rooms, of her reminiscing of their journeys out west, of listening to her wisdom, of her words to our first little one -- and it absolutely breaks my heart.

So all of that to say that I firmly believe in telling your loved ones just how precious they are, even at the risk of sounding sappy and redundant. Because you really never know which path life will take and what precious opportunities you may never have.


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Tuesday, February 21

A Weekend Story

Weekends are the best. Don't you agree?

A sweet gift, cuddle time, blueberry oatmeal, a colorful outfit, time with sweet friends, {surprise} birthday celebrations,
pink tulips, and losing oneself in the mountains.


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Monday, February 20

Surviving Winter: Sick Day Soup

Unfortunately, winter often brings the promise of a nasty head cold,and sick day cravings for comfort food. While it's very easy to give in and justify those unhealthy choices, I've found that it's best to feed a cold with vitamins, vegetables, and protein over comfort food. [Think about it. Sugar, wheat and dairy make you feel bad when your healthy. How much more will they affect you when you're body's immunity is down?] My strategy for feeding a cold begins with this delicious homemade chicken soup. I followed this recipe and added some of my favorite nutrient-dense veggies.

I used carrots, mushrooms, kale, celery and lots of broccoli and cooked my chicken with the onions and garlic [as opposed to using precooked chicken]. The end result was equally tasty and fulfilling and definitely fed my sick day craving for salty chicken soup. [Added bonus for the broccoli (besides its ability to stimulate your liver to detoxify things)? The salt and spices concentrate in the little trees. So delicious.]

This also makes a savory winter treat even when you're not under the weather.

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Friday, February 17

Friday Favorites

Perhaps due to my overwhelming desire for adventure, the promise of  many upcoming camping trips, little signs of spring, or just restlessness and genuine wanderlust, I've been listening to this song on repeat lately... reminds me of this beach camping trip.

Happy weekend.

Free as the birds in flight with weightless souls....

Casual Crew

While I typically shy away from sweaters because of their boxy shape, I've lately been drawn to the comfortable simplicity of them. Perhaps it's because winter finally showed up {hello 20 degree mornings!} or a result of the sleepy-eyed haze in which I dress every morning. Either way, I've been finding excuses opportunities to work this particular sweater into the rotation. The fit is cozy and the bright yellow fits unnaturally well into my very colorful wardrobe. Whether accompanying pink smoking slippers, suede booties, or wine colored wedges, this sweater has proven immensely versatile despite it's neon yellow stripes.

Old Navy sweater, BDG jeans, Target flats, H&M necklace, vintage bracelet, gifted clutch, Essie Mod Squad polish, Warby Parker glasses


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Tuesday, February 14

Love Day

While I agree with many of you that today is no more than a Hallmark holiday for a majority of America, there's a sweet simplicity to Valentine's day, I think. When you are truly grateful for encouraging, supportive people in your life, it's important to let them know, even if it comes on a day when the rest of the world is enamored with chocolate hearts and red hots.

So today, I am immensely thankful for the following people {among many others}:
my ever-supportive, dashingly handsome husband
{who surprised me with tulips and made this delicious chocolate cake last night}
my encouraging mother, whose wisdom I hope to one day acquire
my sister, who can make me laugh regardless of the circumstances
my bestie, who is always there for me, even when it's not pretty

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Monday, February 13

Surviving Winter: Paleo Recipe Roundup

We all know that the post-holiday season is the most common time to try and become healthier. And while I am certainly not opposed to this {remember that cleanse?}, I like to think of the winter months as opportunities for building better habits. For me this comes in the form of trying and perfecting new recipes. It's so easy {especially during winter} to fall into the routine of cooking the same meals, and this often leaves me bored and craving all the things I just cut from my diet. In order to combat the winter we-eat-the-same-three-dishes-every-week blues, I often turn to these paleo recipe sites:

Nom Nom Paleo {added bonus here ~ she's a pharmacist too!}

Some of my current favorites......
pumpkin coconut maple custard
cowboy breakfast skillet
brussels sprouts chips 
balsamic winter bake
coconut chicken nuggets

Happy {paleo} cooking.

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Friday, February 10

Friday Favorites

This week was a tad stressful. From computer problems {hello, non-functional keyboard} to presentations and restless sleep {hello, dreaming of said presentations}, I felt slightly overwhelmed and unproductive. It was just one of those weeks where the only thing that gets you through is the promise of the weekend. That and a sweet husband, a soy latte, a pink pencil skirt, neon flats (I'm completely obsessed), and a good dose of dark chocolate.

Also loving these adorable cookies
the perfect red/orange polish
this scarf (that I am desperately searching for, btw)

Happy weekend.

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Thursday, February 9

Day End

You may have noticed a conspicuous lack of outfit posts lately, but I assure you that I am still wearing clothes on a daily basis. {No lounging around in pjs or my birthday suit over here. Not until I'm done with school at least.} Here's my issue: waking up before the sunrise is not exactly conducive to outfit photos. This coupled with the fact that my sweet, but sleepy husband hands me oatmeal and a mug of coffee as I frantically hurry gracefully glide out the door around six am makes outfit photos virtually impossible. Not exactly the best time to ask him to take on the photographer role. Luckily, I made it home one day this week just before sundown and was able to capture my favorite I-wish-it-were-spring pink pencil skirt. Because sometimes dreary winter days just need a bit of color. Don't you think?

F21 shirt, H&M blazer [similar here], skirt via Dillards [similar here], MRKT wedges via DSW [similar here and here], gifted scarf & earrings, HUE tights, vintage & Loft bracelets, Essie Mod Squad polish


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Tuesday, February 7

Surviving Winter: Little Flowers

Sometimes one of the best ways to combat winter blues is by bringing the outdoors inside. For me, flowers on my desk and on the breakfast table are key. I love seeing life and color in places where I spend some of my most mundane winter hours {read: studying for pharmacy boards}. Dreaming of spring isn't always the best means of coping with dreary days, but when coupled with a mug of hot tea {or cocoa chai} and a good book, a few fresh flowers are an easy yet effective means of lightening one's spirits.


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Thursday, February 2

Pillow Talk

I mentioned a while ago that this may be the year that husband and I become home owners. It's not definite yet {that whole I-need-to-find-a-job thing is getting in the way}, but the prospect is pretty exciting. I've already bookmarked a million or so inspiration images for what I envision as our calm, modern meets rustic bedroom. I am leaning towards a minimal wooden bed frame, a mix of white linens, Lucite tables, a grey {chevron?} duvet, and pops of chartreuse to break up the neutral pallet. Here are some of my favorite inspirations thus far.

 {All images (and my commentary) can be found here.}

Sweet dreams.

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