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Friday, April 29

Vidalia Onion Museum

It's no secret here in Georgia that the sweetest onions are vidalias. Vidalia onions are the state vegetable, and you'd be hard pressed to find a store that doesn't sell them. In fact, there's even a town named after them. This weekend marks the 34th annual Vidalia Onion Festival as well as the grand opening of the Vidalia Onion Musueum.

The event begins today as noon, and the museum opens today starting at 3pm and will be open this weekend for tours. Chefs that will be cooking for the event include  Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill, Gerry Klaskala of Aria, Tracey Bloom of Ray’s at Killer Creek,  James Beard Award Winner Jeffrey Buben of Vidalia restaurant and Cookbook Author Gena Knox {a personal favorite}.

So, if you're in the area or just want to see some incredible ways to cook with vidalias, check out the new museum!

Happy Friday.

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Thursday, April 28

A Few Things

You should....

read this book by David Platt
get a juicer and add some citrus to your life
try this Lara bar {or any of the others, really}

Happy Thursday.

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Sunday, April 24

Casual Friday

Being that I measure a mere 5 feet tall, it's not very often that you'll find me in flats. Sometimes, however, running around the city just isn't conducive to three inch heels. {I'll be honest here and say that I've been known to wear said three inch heels anyway...} Here's a peek at one of my most casual ensembles, perfect for errands and a low-key lunch with a handsome gentleman.

Crew Cuts blouse, Madewell jeans, Michael Kors flats, Target belt, UO bralette, H&M earrings, Kate spade & UO necklaces


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Wednesday, April 20


This past weekend felt like it didn't even occur. I had to work on Saturday {which was insanely busy}, and Sunday was a blur, so this week is simply dragging. There has been a lot going on this week, even though it's only Wednesday, and I am really looking forward to a lot of down time this weekend. Here's a peek at what I've been up to lately...


What have you been up to lately?
PS. It's {kind of} almost Friday!


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Mugly Mother's Day

I love this contest by Rebecca Minkoff. What a wonderful Mother's Day gift!

Click here to enter.


Wednesday, April 13

Weekend Adventure No. 12: Hunting Island, SC

One of the things I have always wanted to do is camp on the beach. I love the idea of waking up within walking distance of the ocean and not being surrounded by four concrete walls. My first {but certainly not last} beach camping experience was at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The landscape is equal parts sandy shores and tropical forest vegetation, which naturally lends itself to a scene from Lost. Another lovely facet of the park is the natural cohabitation of pine trees and palm trees. That alone makes this southern girl's heart swell.

We ordered a new tent right before this trip, so we were eager to give it a try. I have to say that after sleeping in a backpacking tent all these years, this Kodiak tent felt incredibly luxurious! We even have a small, propane heater that we can put inside and turn on in the mornings when it's cold. There's room for the air mattress, both our bags, and a small folding table with space still open. {Perfect for a little canine friend, one day!}

Things to do besides soaking up the beautiful shoreline include hiking/biking trails that wind throughout the campsite and continue over to the nearby lighthouse. Our chosen path was the wooded trail to the lighthouse, and a return trip along the beach. The strip of sand between the campsite and the lighthouse is littered with beautifully haunting old trees. When the tide is up, the trees are well submerged in the ocean. It's quite a lovely, albeit eerie, sight, and the perfect place for sunrise photos.

The park is about twenty minutes outside of Beaufort, SC, which is a great little town full of local coffee shops and eateries. If you're looking for a delicious brunch on your way out, I would suggest Blackstone's Cafe. {Try the TexMex or veggie omelette.} With it's rich history and beautiful landscape, Beaufort is definitely a place that I look forward to revisiting.

Happy {beach} Camping

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Monday, April 11

Hard Truth

I became a Christian at a young age. I grew up in the church with my incredible, ever-strong mother as the principal spiritual leader in my life. I was baptized at 15 and unconsciously assumed that was the end of the process. I assumed that my act of obedience placed the Holy Spirit into my heart, where He would remain until I moved from this earth into heaven. I knew life would be full of trials, and that the Spirit would be there to guide me, but I never expected for my faith to be so completely shaken as it has been over the past year.

Even today, the way I understand my faith and the truth of the gospel is radically changing.... in the most wonderful, fulfilling way. The most important, most terrifying revelation is that I am utterly, completely dependent on God for everything in my life. I myself bring nothing to the table. This principle flies in the face of everything that society tell us, but it is the truth of the gospel. The problem lies in the fact that we don't want to see it.

"Do we really think that a crown of thorns and whips and nails and a wooden cross and all the other facets of the crucifixion that we glamorize are powerful enough to save us? [...] What happened at the cross was not primarily about nails being thrust into Jesus' hands and feet but about the wrath due your sin and my sin being thrust upon his soul. In that holy moment, all the righteous wrath and justice of God due us came rushing down like a torrent on Christ himself."

This is the gospel.

"The just and loving Creator of the universe has looked upon hopelessly sinful people and sent his Son, God in the flesh, to bear his wrath against sin on the cross and to show his power over sin in the Resurrection so that all who trust in him will be reconciled to God forever."

The first time I read that passage I ended up in tears. It's heart-wrenching, but true. The gospel proclaims our hopeless, sinful situation while the world boasts to us of self-improvement. The raw, true gospel speaks to an unconditional surrender of all that we are to all that is God. 

Quotes from Radical, by David Platt
images 1, 2

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Wednesday, April 6

Saving Grace

It's officially spring here in the south, and while I am absolutely thrilled by the sunshine and gorgeous flowers, my allergies are rendering me somewhat useless. Hence the sporadic posts and lack of outfits. Between sinus congestion and itchy eyes, I've been forced to view this lovely spring from behind a window... no long trail runs or studying outside for me lately. It's simply torture.

Since every commercially available anti-histamine makes me sleepy and since I refuse to take a decongestant daily, I've been surviving the pollen with these few creature comforts...

Tazo rose tea + local raw honey
A netti-pot
Bubblegum pink nail polish
Coconut ice cream
Vased flowers

What do you do to combat allergies?
Happy spring.

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Monday, April 4

Color Craze

Lately I feel like my fashion inspiration is going in polar opposite directions. Part of me loves the idea of color blocking and incorporating bright solids into my very patterned wardrobe, while the other part leans heavily towards summer neutrals.

Enter in the fact that I don't really love some of the things in my closet, and you begin to realize why I haven't posted an outfit in a while. So, in order to appease the small battle going on inside my head, here are some of my colorful choices. Now maybe I can actually get dressed in the morning....

Key pieces:
1. Multi-tone sandals - Zara
2. A bright mini - Zara
3. A little bit of orange - Topshop
4. Pink layers - J. Crew
5. Bright pumps - UO
6. A colorful clutch - Zara
7. Red trousers - Topshop

Part two of my inspiration coming soon... summer neutrals.

images 1, 2, 3
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Friday, April 1

Always Kate

If there is one designer who always seems to capture my attention, it's Kate Spade. While I never tire of the classics, I am always drawn to the overt femininity and colorful hues that Kate Spade has to offer. It's simply not possible for me to walk into the store and not leave with a smile. Here are some of my current favorites.

Live Colorfully.

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