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Thursday, August 28

Professional Dress Day No. 2

In keeping with the Wednesday  professional dress rule, yesterday I decided to pull out my white linen pants for one last hoorah before fall officially arrives.

grey wrap, Simply Vera for Kohl's; belt, vintage; pants, F21; shoes, Tarjay

I also want to mention these lovely gems that I found at Target not too long after my Kate Spade post. Call it what you will, but I call it fashion fate. These Spade-inspired peeps are perfect for transitioning between summer and fall, not to mention that they are quite comfortable! (I have noticed that yellow is my go-to color this fall.. more on that later.)

I know that there have been a lot of outfit posts lately, but it has come to be a daily ritual for me. Almost like a journal or diary if you will. I find it relaxing, but if it is too much for you lovely readers, please feel free to let me know.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Monday, August 25

Wall(paper) Love

Check out these really fun wallpaper prints that I found on the ohdeedoh website recently. Most of the designs that I liked were intended for children's rooms, but I think that they could be more flexible depending on your style. 

I love the combo of the pale pink with the skull/crossbones. 
It would be so very adorable as an accent wall in the kitchen or in a bedroom behind the bed.

This would be adorable in my nephew's room. I really love it, but I don't know how I could incorporate it into my house...

I am in love with the iridescent pink clouds! I would actually use this in my bathroom.

The company also carries designs that are a bit more sophisticated and equally as lovely. 

all images courtesy of Sandbery Tyg & Tapet AB

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Sunday, August 24

Oh Preppy Day

I have been a fan of menswear shirts for quite some time, yet I tend to stay away from them because I feel that they make me look young. Part of this is due to the fact that my petite frame highlights the boxiness of said garments and also because they are usually just too big. This being said, I was quite the jolly roger when I stumbled upon a blue and white stripe button down at Tarjay that is the perfect fit. In an effort to downplay the masculine cut, yet highlight the preppy nature of the blouse, I paired it with layers of gold and pearl necklaces. I added a pair of gold loafers to complete my edgy-preppy (is that an oxymoron?) look. What do we think?

blouse and shoes, Target; jeans and necklaces, F21

Cooper really wanted to make a guest appearance in these photos, so I granted him that. 
He loves these shoes!

images copyright Hiking In Stilettos

Saturday, August 23

Coach Mike's Cross-Country 5k

photo copyright hiking in stilettos

Early this cool, rainy Saturday morning, K and I ran in the 26th annual "Coach Mike's 5k" sponsored by the Athens YMCA. It was misting when we started the race through the woods on the cross country trails, but it was definitely worth the initial discomfort. The race wound through trees, bridges, and fields and was full of ups and downs. This made it a bit more difficult than I had anticipated, especially when you factor in the slipperiness from the rain! We were accompanied by local runners and YMCA volunteers/workers who were very encouraging, cheering us on.  It was a good time and a great way to start off the weekend!

Wednesday, August 20

Professional Dress Day No. 1

Every Wednesday is "Professional Dress Day" in Pharmacy school as we typically have an industry representative come and speak to us during our community hour. Here is what I wore for today's professional purposes:

dress, cardigan, bag, necklace, F21; belt, vintage; shoes, Payless; camisole, Ann Taylor

all photos copyright hiking in stilettos

Tuesday, August 19

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens...

...these are a few of my favorite things:

1. Journals, many many journals
2. Burt's Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm
3. Pom Tea (made by Pom Wonderful)
4. Owls
5. Vintage fabrics, especially aprons and scarves
6. Shoes, specifically heels
7. Wellingtons 
8. Hot Corner Coffee in Athens
9. Inspiration boards/rooms
10. Cupcakes
11. Moosejaw Mountaineering Company (more about that later)
12. Vintage pinups
center: Tim Walker photography

all images courtesy of

Monday, August 18

First Day of Class Outfit

Sometimes I like try to challenge myself by putting together an outfit comprised only of pieces from one store, and today I did just that. Everything that I wore, except for my jewelry, is from Target. (I rarely buy jewelry from Tarjay, so that's why I cheated a bit.) Because we didn't have to dress up today, this is what I wore for my first day of classes:

shorts, cardigan, tank, sandals, Tarjay; layered necklaces, F21
The blue/heather tank is from Richard Chai's GO Internaional line that I mentioned earlier.

photos copyright hiking in stilettos

Sunday, August 17

Hemlines and Haircuts

The moving frenzy has finally come to a close, and, as promised, here are some new haircut pictures from the weekend. It's a bit hard to tell from these images, but the cut is very layered and has a messy look when fixed. I am loving it!

I also want to mention this cardigan that I bought at Target recently. The sleeves hit just above the elbow, and it is made of a slinky, lightweight jersey cotton. I love the chartreuse color because it isn't too bright, but it does come in a range of fall colors if the green just isn't your thing.

Yesterday morning was my official induction into the Pharmacy profession with the University White Coat Ceremony. It was like a graduation ceremony, but instead of receiving degrees, we received our official white lab coats with the UGA Pharmacy emblem. In an effort to look professional, yet fashionable I wore this dress by Richard Chai for Target's GO International line. I am completely in love. The fit  is amazing, and the colors play against the conservative cut. Also, the back is a v-shape that stops just above the bra line to give it a little extra edge. I also bought a few other items from Richard Chai's designs to serve my new professional purposes. More about those later....

dress, Target; heels, Off Broadway; nekclace, my mom's

photos copyright hiking in stilettos

Monday, August 11

Dear Lovely Blog Readers,

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on the recent personal post. I have decided, however, to remove said post for professional reasons. Let's just stick to the fun things, shall we?

Have a lovely Monday!

image courtesty of flickr

Friday, August 8


Red Felt Octopus -- I love the surprised expression!

I have been meaning to post about FattyCakes for a few weeks now, especially after meeting the owner/artist/incredibly creative woman behind it all, Jordan. She makes adorable, hand-sewn critters that would seem right at home at my beloved Anthropologie. I saw her work first-hand at a baby shower, and I wanted some of the little guys for myself! To quote the Etsy page, "fattycakes is all about cute, kitschy, and irreverent critters and the like! all critters and such are hand-made and sewn using my own patters."

Yellow Giraffe Print Whale -- Precious.

Grey Felt Robot Felt-Bot -- I love this guy's mismatched eyes!

Felt Toast Pin -- This would be so cute on a winter coat!

Red Felt Bird Plush -- This guy is just plain cute. I'd put him in a kitchen!

FattyCakes will also create custom orders and make things in a specific pattern/color if you like! I love that everything is made by hand, and the pricing is pretty great considering all the work that goes into each piece. Check out the Etsy shop or the blog and see it for yourself!

images courtesy of FattyCakes Etsy site

Kate Spade, Oh How I Love You

Kate Spade has always been at the top of my list for designers whom I can always go to and find something that I love. She uses feminine silhouettes and vibrant colors to create fashions that are classic with a bit of a twist. I can always count on Kate to show me something that I love when it comes to work clothing. Kate Spade shoes and handbags can bring a pop of color and style to an outfit and still provide a very polished, professional look. Here are some of my recent favorites:




Melrose Noel Jayden

Raincoat Charlie

Beresford Opus

Classic Noel Trench

all images courtesy of

Sunday, August 3

PR5: Episode Three

So sorry that I missed my Project Runway post last week. I also missed the episode and had to play catch-up online. Here are my favorites from this past week's episode: Bright Lights/Big City. The designers were sent out on a rainy night into NYC with digital cameras to capture images for their inspiration. They were to design and outfit/garment for a night out in the "big city." 
The asymmetrical shape of the dress makes it interesting. I can definitely see someone out in NYC in this dress.
The patterns and color of this dress are simply amazing, and I love the vintage feel.
I love the symmetry of the skirt, especially because her inspiration was a planter! It was very earthy and organic, yet industrial at the same time.
The best part of this in the open back on the blouse, which isn't visible here.