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Monday, October 29

Weekends Around Here...

... start off with coffee on the porch and a scrumptious breakfast {scrambled eggs, chia muffins or paleo biscuits, fresh fruit, turkey bacon, etc.}

... usually include a mid-morning run and a few minutes on the porch swing well as a house project or two, like building a farm tablet {details coming soon!}

 ... and end with a fierce game of scrabble by the fire.


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Thursday, October 18

Emerald Envy

Although crimson is the color du jour, my current go to for fall is a deep emerald green. Paired with denim, dress pants or simply on it's own, the saturated hue has certainly caught my attention. I have worn my peplum tank repeatedly -- with dark skinnies, a leopard print pencil skirt, and black flared dress pants -- and currently have my eye on a few other emerald selections as well. Here are some of my current favorites.


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Wednesday, October 17

A Quiet Celebration

On the 7th day of this month I turned thirty years old. I woke up buried in blankets on that cold Sunday morning with my pup snuggled at my feet and my sweet husband by my side. We made coffee and sat by the campfire. My family drove up for the afternoon and we grilled hotdogs and ate pumpkin mousse pie. My thoughtful parents gave me the most wonderful gift - a lamp they created out of my old symphony clarinet. There were plenty of hugs, kisses and puppy dog licks. Husband and I walked along the river and talked about life, love and friendship.

Something about starting a new decade has made me contemplative as of late. I've been thinking about who I am and who I want to be. About the legacy I want to leave and the people on whom I spend my time and energy. I feel myself changing, shifting my priorities and re-focusing on things I now value.

Here's to another decade - one filled with love. friendship, laughter, and health. To one that includes challenging myself and facing more things that scare me. It's going to be a great year.


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Tuesday, October 16

Redefining Beauty

Admittedly, when I started Crossfit I was expecting to obtain 'model-thin' results. As I've grown and changed over the last year, my perception of beauty has begun to take on a different shape. This video exemplifies how beauty isn't just having a small waist or skinny thighs. Beauty is about working hard, building strength, and pushing yourself farther than you ever thought possible. 

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Monday, October 15

Weekend Getaway

Last Friday husband and I took the opportunity of a three day weekend to spend some time in the mountains. October is by far our favorite time of year -- changing leaves, cool temperatures, both of our birthdays. So after debating the weather and our schedules, we decided that a few days in the woods would refresh our spirits. We packed up our truck and headed to North Carolina, to Standing Indian Campground.

While the weather didn't exactly cooperate, the weekend was a much needed escape from the business of our lives. Saturday was gorgeous, so we hiked to Picken's Nose - a quick in and out hike that afforded incredible views. We stopped at Mooney Falls on the way back to our campsite, and spent the remainder of the afternoon reading by the campfire. It rained overnight on Saturday night and stayed cool and wet for the remainder of our trip. Sunday my family came up for a small birthday celebration, complete with pumpkin mousse pie. Monday morning we attempted a sunrise hike, only to be met by a wall of fog. Nonetheless, it was still so peaceful to sit on the side of the mountain, bundled against the cold and share hot coffee with my one and only.

The scenery at Standing Indian is simply breathtaking. From the changing leaves to the grey skies and the mountaintop views. Standing Indian is by far one of my favorite campgrounds. There's something magical about the Nantahala National Forest that speaks to my soul. The natural beauty, the history. I'm not sure what it is, but we left Monday morning with refreshed souls and lighter hearts.


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