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Monday, October 27

Monday Meltdown

After a loooong weekend of intense studying, too much coffee, and too little sleep, I broke down... I bought skirts... from Anthropologie... and they are absolutely wonderful. (The pictures do not do them justice.) At least my purchases will be applicable to my professional dress code. I can't wait to get them and make outfits with them! Hmm.. looks like I will have to find some great brown boots to wear with the owl one...

click here and here for better pictures
images courtesy of Anthropologie

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Friday, October 24

Indie Artist: Matthew Mayfield

image credit: Matthew Mayfield

If you are a fan of low-key, acoustic indie artists, you will definitely want to check out Matthew Mayfield. I have been listening to his album "The Fire EP" for the last week. With the cold, rainy weather, it is perfect background music for a long drive or a night at home. Among my favorite songs are "As Long as You're not Leaving," "Element," and "By Your Side." His sound is upbeat, but relaxing, and I love his voice. You can look him up on Myspace, iTunes, or NoiseTrade. Enjoy!

Fall Footwear

As the days are getting progressively cooler, I have noticed a definite lack in my fall footwear wardrobe. Per my definition, fall shoes are those with which I can wear socks (my feet get really cold). It currently consists of: one pair stiletto black boots, one pair flat black boots, one pair brown wedge booties. That's really about it. I have the standard black and brown stilettos mary janes, but I don't really count them in the fall category since it is a bit difficult to wear socks with them. I definitely  love to rock the bright tights with flats and heels, but sometimes I just wanna wear jeans. Hence, the necessity for sock friendly footwear. I am currently lusting after these from Urban Outfitters:
I think that these shoes would serve both of my fall purposes... tights and dresses as well as jeans and sweaters. It is a bit hard to tell from the picture, but they are grey, which I absolutely love. If I can't find my perfect grey boots, I'll settle for these lovely gems for now. 

I also found a few on Piperlime that I like as well, but I am definitely leaning toward the UO ones. Here are the two that are in the same price range as the ones above. (Of course I found tons of fall shoes that were absolutely gorgeous, but a bit beyond the current pharmacy student budget.)

Pink Studio: Jewel

 Me Too: Frost

So, what about you, my lovely readers? What are your favorite fall shoes and/or combinations? Tights and booties? Tall boots and skinny jeans? 

images courtesy of stores listed
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Wednesday, October 22

Reese in Paris

Another November cover that I am caught by is Vogue's feature on Reese Witherspoon called "Innocence Abroad." The shoot combines traditional french landmarks such as the Champs-Élysées, a café on Avenue Montaigne, and La Tour Eiffel with beautfiul, elegant garments to evoke a longing for "la vie quotidienne à Paris." Being a french girl at heart, I cannot help but love the photo shoot, and being a long-time RW fan, I cannot help but love the article. 

images courtesy of Vogue

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Tuesday, October 21

Just Another Family

image courtesy of W Magazine

I am absolutely in love with this photo shoot and article featuring the Jolie-Pitt family in the most recent W issue. The fact that Brad himself took the pictures just makes it all the more wonderful. I adore the innocence in the cover picture, with that sweet little hand resting on Angelina's chest, and I honestly believe that they are a family filled with love. Pick up a copy of the magazine and enjoy the article and pictures for yourself.

Fryes With That?

With the cool air creeping in and an Amazon giftcard in my pocket, I decided today that a new pair of boots are in order this season. I have been searching for my perfect pair of grey boots longer than I have been searching for my perfect leather jacket, but nothing has struck my fancy as of yet. Today's Amazon search did not end in grey boot bliss as I had hoped, but I did find a few gems by Frye that made for lovely eye candy.

images courtesy of Amazon

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Wednesday, October 15

You Should Live Here

There was a special on HGTV today called "You Should Live Here" that highlighted the "best" places in the country to live if you are single, have pets, have/want children, like cold weather, like hot weather, etc. Among the cities mentioned were Denver, CO, Atlanta/Decatur, GA, Portland, OR, and NYC, NY. It was actually a really fun show to watch, and I have decided that Denver, CO is near the top of my list for post-pharmacy living. I have loved Colorado for a long time because of the wonderful snow skiing and glorious views, but I now have a new appreciation for the city of Denver. Also, on the HGTV website, you can take a quiz that will tell you where you should live! According to my answers, Boulder, Colorado is the perfect place for me. 

"Because you want to live in a vibrant community active in education and outdoor recreation, you should live here: Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is a captivating Rocky Mountain community enriched with natural beauty, hip urban culture and a vibrant love of the outdoors. It's easy to see why this intriguing town has been dubbed "the city nestled between the mountains and reality." Proud to be one of Colorado's foremost havens of commerce, education, research and recreation, Boulder is also the spirited home of the University of Colorado. Boulder is well known for its value of environmental preservation, education and quality of life."

Now it's your turn to take the quiz, and tell me your results!

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Wednesday, October 8

June Shin Jewelry

Thanks to my friends the AsianCajuns, I am now completely in love with indie jewelry designer June Shin. Her pieces are unique, vintage-inspired, edgy, and simply lovely. (Please note that those are my own words, not those of the designer. She may describe her work differently.) So, as a birthday present to myself, I have decided to being my JS collection with one of her beautiful cameo rings. I have been crazy about cameo ever since I can remember, so I thougt it was a perfect start! The problem: I can't decide which one! This is where you come in. I have narrowed it down to three options from June Shin's Etsy site. Vote for your favorite style to help me make my decision! 

Black and White Rose Cameo

Ganesha Ring in Orange 

Carved in Blue

all images courtesy of June Shin Jewelry Designs

I am also coveting this one that Lauren of the AsianCajuns has. I love the fusion of a vintage template with a rock and roll image!  If/when it is available again, I plan to snatch it up as well! Check out June Shin's Etsy site for a look at all of her lovely pieces! I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a beautiful jewelry relationship!

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Tuesday, October 7

Weekend Adventure No. 9: Standing Indian Mountain

On top of Standing Indian Mountain

In honor of the October birthdays of both K and I, we took off Friday afternoon for a weekend get away to the mountains of Franklin, NC. Friday night consisted of camping in Standing Indian Campground, and Saturday was an all day hike of Standing Indian Mountain.

Kimsey Creek Trail: the starting point of the hike

My camping/hiking essentials: pouffy vest (AE), sock hat and gloves (Tarjay), extra warm socks (REI), long-sleeved tee for layering (Moosejaw), dry-weave base layer (Nike), floral thermal (F21), bright fleece (Tarjay), fun stripe scarf (UO).
See previous post.

On the way out on Saturday we also walked down to see the second tallest poplar tree in the southeast. It is eight miles in diameter and over 25 feet in circumference! Unfortunately, a storm tore off the top of the tree, so it is no longer alive and flourishing; however, it was still a neat thing to see. I felt so tiny next to it!!

We were hoping that the leaves would have started changing a bit more, but K was still able to capture some great pictures of both the trees and the creek that wound through our hiking trail.

Overall, the trip was somewhat leisurely in that Friday night was laid back and relaxing; however, Saturday consisted of a 10-mile loop hike that climbed over 5000 feet. Although it was definitely tiring, and I was incredibly sore the next day, it was also definitely worth it. The view was breathtaking.

Often times people ask me what the draw is in hiking/outdoors/etc. It is something that I can't exactly explain, but the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain and seeing the view first hand.. I don't know. It just feels incredible to be a part of it, to be in the midst of it. Pictures can only capture a small amount of the beauty that this world holds; the rest you have to experience for yourself.

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Oh Happy Day!

Today is my birthday! For you, this means that there will be some great photos to look forward to. I'll be posting fun gifts, outfits, and camping pictures soon as well as a few other lovely things. Hope you have a great day!

Also, it is Erin's (of SmockandBustle) birthday as well! Check out her blog and wish her a happy day!

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Wednesday, October 1

Happy October!

Since today is happily the first of October, here is a Flickr search "fall, pumpkin" for your enjoyment!

Also, today is National Vegetarian Day! With the slightly cooler weather, it's a great night to try a veggie-friendly recipe like this one. This is what I will be having for dinner!

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