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Friday, December 31

Twenty Ten

Two thousand ten was a year filled with firsts {our first year of marriage, our first anniversary}, textbooks, laughter, late nights studying, and quite a bit of love. I have grown personally and so has this blog. I appreciate your support from the very bottom of my heart, and I look forward to another year spent in the blog world with you.

 Happy New Year.

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Wednesday, December 29


Although I never feel that I need an excuse for wearing them, New Year's Eve is synonymous with sequins and sparkly baubles. Not that I am at all opposed. There's something to be said for starting the year off with a bit of shine. Whether you will be out on the town, celebrating at a friend's house, or tucked away in your safe & cozy living room, these pieces will have you ringing in the new year in style.

1. Dare to be Square Dress - Modcloth
2. Metallic Oxfords - Forever 21
3. Sequin Jersey Shorts - Michael Kors
4. Sequin Stripe Jacket - Topshop
5. Cinema Foyer Dress - Modcloth
6. Sequin Belt - Michael Kors
7. Sheer Sequin Scarf - Forever 21
8. Sequined Chiffon Blouse - 3.1 Philip Lim
9. Gold Glitter Bow Platform Heels - LuLu's
10. Gilded Age Skirt - Modcloth
11. Maggie Sequined Georgette Dress - Alice + Olivia
12. Teddy Bear Cocktail Bag - Urban Outfitters
13. Heart Front Top - Topshop
14. Cap & Bow Fascinator - Topshop
15. Naomi Feather & Sequin Skirt - J. Crew

Happy Sparkling.

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Monday, December 27

Seeing Red {And Blue}

When I bought flannel sheets this year, I selected the blue plaid because it looked better with my eyes than the green ones. I mean, I do have to sleep on them. Call me vain, if you will. I've got that whole rubber-glue mentality going on today. Besides, my bestie understands. Not to mention that these sheets have changed my life in the most wonderful way.

It's a similar feeling with this blue plaid shirt. It's soft and bright, and it reminds me of my flannel sheets. {Honestly. I'm obsessed. I could sleep for years on end. An intervention may be necessary.} Except that it's socially acceptable to wear a flannel shirt. Sheets not so much.

Target shirt, UO skirt, vintage belt, Hue tights, The Loft necklace & boots, vintage rings


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Saturday, December 25

A Very Merry Christmas

{Gift making}

{Decorations around the house}

{Baking gooey chocolate cookies for the neighbors}

{The best gift of all & the true reason for our celebration}

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases.

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Thursday, December 23

Holiday Gift Guide: Homemade Christmas

This year for Christmas, my husband's family decided to sponsor a less fortunate, well-deserving family and buy them gifts instead of giving each other things. I love it. Imagining the faces of the people in that family on Christmas morning just lifts my heart. So on Christmas day, instead of having presents to unwrap from each other, we are doing a homemade/handmade exchange. Last year I did a fair amount of baking and made some hot chocolate mix to accompany the goodies. Here are some of the ideas I am throwing around for this year.

{Click on the descriptions below for the links & tutorials!}

1. Vintage Tin Candles
2. Homemade Pasta
3. Scented Sugars
4. Bottle Stoppers
5. Handmade Headbands
6. Brandy Snaps
7. Placemat Clutch
8. Cowboy Cookie Jars
9. Christmas Cloth Napkins
10. Nutter Butter Truffles
11. Bath Snowballs

I better get a move on. There's lots of work to do!

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Tuesday, December 21

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Winter has finally made it's way to the southeast. It's cold, ya'll! Highs in the 20s and30s and even some snow. Honestly, it's perfect Christmas weather. Especially since I was wearing short sleeves on Thanksgiving. This is uncharted territory, and I am loving it. For now. We'll reevaluate after New Years.

H&M dress worn as a top, Tucker for Target skirt, UO belt, Hue tights, vintage Tommy Hilfiger heels, vintage & Banana Republic rings, The Loft necklace

I have some news. Ahem.
It started out with weeding through my closet after realizing that some of my favorite clothes just don't fit. I ruthlessly sold and gave away things that I hadn't worn in a year and things that I had worn that just looked bad. It felt great. Then, I realized it was more. I wanted to declutter my life {on many levels} and live more simply. {Don't worry. I'm not going to start spouting yoga-y mantras at you. Not right now, at least.} It's obvious that I'll never live a minimalist lifestyle by any means, but I want things to have purpose. So, I decluttered the apartment. But, that's for another post. Here's the news you've been dying to hear: I've decided to jump on board with one of my new favorite bloggers and start a 30 outfit remix challenge.

It's so easy to run to the mall whenever you feel like you're in a fashion rut or "have nothing to wear." But once the new and shiny wears off, what are you left with? Another piece of clothing that you don't really love, you just loved that it was new. Well, ladies {and possibly gentleman?}, I am done. As difficult as it may be, I want to genuinely love everything in my closet.

So, here goes. I've chosen 30 pieces from my closet {including shoes!} to create 30 different outfits. And you, my lovely readers, get to take the journey with me. I know. You're thrilled.

Happy remixing.

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Monday, December 20

UNRACKED + Gossip Girl

Just about every fashion conscious female has pined over the wardrobe from Gossip Girl at least once. Most of us have a much longer history of pining, but with names like McQueen, Wang, Rowley, and Chanel being tossed around like household labels, it's impossible to not dream of a shopping spree in one of those closets. No, I'm not giving away a shopping spree, but I do have the next best thing for you...

Gilt Groupe is hosting an exclusive interview with the man behind the exceptional GG style, Eric Daman. From classic Blair chic to Serena's unexpected style, Daman reveals industry beauty and fashion secrets straight from the set. Unracked with Gilt Groupe is a hit web series hosted by Stefani Greenfield, and Gilt members are granted exclusive access to interviews with many coveted fashion and lifestyle icons. Past interviews included Molly Sims and Diane Von Furstenberg.


There are two editions of the show, a shorter five minute version and a longer, more in depth edition. The longer show is only available through Gilt's channels. If you need a membership, leave your email address in the comments, and I'll send you an invite!


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Sunday, December 19

Five {little} Blessings

Sometimes the week is so full and days off are so few that there is hardly any time to take in all the little blessings. This past week was one of those. And while I wish I'd had more time to post daily, I am glad that this post is included. Even if it is a couple days late. Here are five little things that made my week lovely.

Blue plaid flannel sheets that have changed my life.

A peacock statue that reminds me of my bestie.

This casual outfit that's part of a new project {more about that later}.

A pair of nude suede shoes.

A sparkly ornament from my in-laws.


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Wednesday, December 15


One of my favorite things about my town is the abundance of random brick walls. Maybe it's my childhood home nostalgia, but I love the red-brown color of brick and the imperfections of the individuals stones. In fact, when it comes to buying a house or condo, two of my absolute requirements are an interior exposed brick wall and hardwood floors. {I know. Picky picky.} For now, however, I will settle for these walls. Perfect for hanging Christmas lights and garland, and perfect for outfit shoots

Anthropologie coat & necklace, H&M faux fur stole, Tucker for Target blouse, American Eagle cargos, vintage & F21 rings, Michael Kors heels, Coach bag


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Monday, December 13

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

As I've mentioned previously, giving gifts is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love finding something so perfect for someone else and seeing their faces when it's opened. It's nice to know that every time they use or look at your present, they will think of you. Sometimes, however, it's difficult to find something for even those people closest to you, especially when it comes to guys. Here are some of my favorite gift ideas for every personality, from the athlete to the artist.

1. Buck Jr. Wall Trophy - Carboard Safari
2. Holga 35mm Camera - Urban Outfitters
3. Magazine Subscription - Men's Health
4. Thermal Running Tights - Nike
5. Classic Thermos - Stanley
6. Wooden Cocktail Set - West Elm
7. Grey Flannel Classics - TOMS
8. Flannel PJ Bottoms - Gap
9. Leather Day Bag- Wilson's Leather
10. Original Wall Art - Tyson McAdoo
11. Kraft Speakers - West Elm
12. Camper Watch - Timex
13. White Elixir Colognt - C.O. Bigelow
14. Bikila Running Shoes - Vibram Five Fingers
15. Merino Cardigan - Gap

For other gift guides, see this and this.
Happy Gifting.


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Friday, December 10

Five {little} Blessings

Things have been quiet this week as my days have been filled to the brim with studies, pots of coffee, textbooks, exams, and late nights. For now, I am taking the weekend off to enjoy time with my husband, a gingerbread house building birthday party for my nephew, a Christmas party at our pastor's house {He & his wife are so cool. They're the same age as husband and me!}, and a fancy dinner for my mom's birthday {in no particular order}. So this week, I found my little blessings in the people that surround me, including you.

Happy weekend.

image via weheartit
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Wednesday, December 8


This is my mantra.
I'm only three days away from the end of the semester and only five months away from rotations. It's safe to say I feel overwhelmed, but I will not let it consume me.

Even so let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. ~ Matthew 5:16

{Thanks, E.}

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Tuesday, December 7

Winter Comforts: Moroccan Vegetable Soup

With cold winter breezes and long hours of studying filling my days as of late, I have been craving warm dishes like vegetable soup and black bean chili. I stumbled upon this recipe in a Taste of Home magazine and decided to try a twist on my traditional vegetable soup with a Moroccan-inspired version. With a mix of butternut squash, zucchini, potatoes, garbanzo beans, and carrots, I was immediately sold on the idea. The cinnamon, however, is the secret ingredient! I also threw in a bit of chicken to appease the meat-eaters in the crowd, and the end result was far from disappointing.

Happy warmth & winter days.

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Monday, December 6

Blending In

I realized when sorting through these pictures that my outfit camouflages well with the orangey-brown of the leaves and brick surrounding me. Nonetheless, I love the feeling of fall/winter that this outfit brought to me this past weekend. Not to mention that this dress was a total steal from Urban. {50% off all sale on Black Friday. Yes, I am crazy, but it paid off!}I love that it can be either dressed up with heels or worn casually with flat boots. Stay tuned for that post in the next couple weeks.

F21 hat, Urban Outfitters dress & cardigan, vintage & Banana Republic jewelry, Target belt, Modcloth tights, Seychelles booties, Coach bag


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