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Tuesday, June 30

Playing in the Rain {an engagement story}

We had planned our vacation for months... road-tripping to the Gulf of Mexico in the Mini, spending five blissful days surrounded by white sand and teal ocean waves, accompanied only by the characters in our books. Given our opposite work schedules, time together was often difficult, and this trip was our getaway.

We left out early on a Sunday morning equipped with strong coffee and self-made playlists for the road, ranging from Bloc Party and old Jimmy Eat World, to Iron & Wine, Damien Rice, and, everything in between. We took mostly back roads, so the drive was peaceful and filled with the lovely scenery of southern Georgia... tall green grasses, cotton fields, and a clear blue sky.
Ecstatic to be on vacation and contented to be together, we made plans for the beach the next day. Unfortunately, we woke to find our view of the ocean distorted by fog, clouds and drizzling rain. I reacted as any rational girlfriend would. I became a terribly grumpy beach-goer. We hauled our chairs, books, and towels down to the sand, daring the clouds to release their contents, and no less than ten minutes later, the clouds let loose. Wet and grumbling, we hauled everything back {across the street, mind you} into our room.

My mood continued to darken, but the thought of food and eating on the beach brightened my spirits a bit. We decided to walk to a beach-side restaurant, but as we began our stroll, the rain began again. Grumpier than ever, I settled for dining on a covered porch with a view of the sand and ocean.

After dinner K convinced me to put on my rain jacket and play in the rain on the beach. He was absolutely determined to break my bad mood. We had driven all the way down to the shore to enjoy ourselves and relax together, and that was exactly what we would do, rain or no rain. His happiness was contagious, and soon I found myself shrouded in my raincoat with my jeans rolled up to my knees, wisps of hair plastered to my face jumping in the waves and searching for seashells with K.

"Come look. I found a really good one!" K said. Drunk with love and laughter, I skipped over to see what treasure he had cupped in his hands. When he opened them I saw the most lovely, most perfect diamond ring. He didn't say anything; he just looked at me, his brown eyes wide and dancing, raindrops falling off his jacket hood, a slight smile on his face. Not capable of speech myself, I simply looked up at him, smiling as he placed the ring on my finger. "So you will?" he said. "I would always choose you to be mine," was my response.

one year ago today i gave my heart to my K
here's wishing for a lifetime of playing in the rain together.

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happiness {is}

homemade chocolate chip cookies

added bonus when they are homemade whole wheat/low fat/low cholesterol chocolate chip cookies that still taste great!


1/2 cup sugar
{i used splenda/sugar blend which equates to 1/4 cup}

1/4 cup brown sugar
{again you could use splenda brown sugar substitute)

1/4 cup margarine
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg white
1 cup flour {i used white whole wheat. it has lighter taste than regular whole wheat flour.}
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup chocolate chips
{i used minis to make it seem like lots of chocolate chips!}

mix all ingredients except flour well. stir in flour a little at a time, then fold in chocolate chips. bake on ungreased cookie sheet {i had to spray mine since the wheat flour is slightly more dense} at 375 for 8-10 minutes.

trust me when i say that these are so yummy and about as healthy as a chocolate chip cookie can get. they even passed the kid test! {my nephews {ages six and four} loved them} give it a try, and let me know what you think!

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this is fact not fiction, for the first time in years

image credit

i want to remember how you’ve made me laugh and sometimes cry, and i never want to forget how special and different you are and how you’ve touched my heart

happy birthday kiddo

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Sunday, June 28

sweet sweet sui

Queen of vintage-inspired designs, Anna Sui, is creating a line for Target's GO! International collection. The Sui designs, inspired by Gossip Girl characters Blair, Jenny, Serena, and Vanessa, will be available in stores and online beginning September 13.

I have to say that when I first heard the news I was ecstatic. Anna Sui has long been among my favorite designers, and I can't deny my love for GG; however, after seeing the lookbook, I am honestly a bit disappointed. I am sure that a few of the garments will find their way in to my closet, but I fear that the actual product won't hold up to the grandiose idea from which it was inspired.

Still, I can't help but crave the Serena-inspired silver dress, those Vanessa Frye-like boots, and the Jenny-esque black booties. Sigh. I am so ready for fall.

images found here
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{starting forever}

thirty years from now
they'll look back and wonder how
they were just as in love then
as they are now

all his strengths will cover up all her weaknesses
and her fortes will be as deep-ended seas
all her strengths will cover up all his weaknesses
and his fortes will be as deep-ended seas

- lyrics by Corey Crowder

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Saturday, June 27


the sidewalk holds diamonds like a jewelry store case

things are happily very busy around HiS this weekend,
so stay tuned for updates on all the fun happenings...

wishing you all a lovely weekend


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Thursday, June 25

just a few things

{to distract you until the weekend}

i'm a big fan of unique headboards, and i love this adorable idea

this concert poster would look great in my kitchen collage

this is just too cute! christmas in june anyone?

three little owls that are so precious

still in love with this dressing mirror

this colorful leather belt would look great with so much and it's handmade!

wishing that i were here, playing in the snow

but since i'm not....

i'd like to be sitting here

with the perfect drink for a hot summer day in the south

and these little guys to munch on

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{picnic} plaid

When I was little, one of my favorite games was playing picnic. My mom had a basket with a red plaid lining that I would fill with food for my imaginary guests, and I would wander our backyard in search of the perfect picnic destination.

Now, I look forward to early spring and summer days when it is still cool enough to pack a picnic and lounge on a blanket in the grass. This outfit would be the perfect complement to a summer picnic sans the heels, I think.

dress, UO; belt, F21; earrings and platforms, Target; sunnies, vintage

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Wednesday, June 24


What's so wrong with being personal, anyway?
Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.
- Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail

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Monday, June 22

{so} inspired

Ever since K and I moved into our new, spacious apartment, I have had redecorating on the brain. Unfortunately for K, this is not such a new concept for me as I am constantly rearranging things in our home... everything from vases and pictures to sofas and armories. Whenever I get bored or have the need to feel accomplished, I rearrange. I simply love the feeling of creating something new from things that I already own. Some may call it unnecessary frivolity, but I like to think of it as decor recycling.

Since we've combined our two apartments into one, and since we've both lived on our own for over six years, we have tried really hard to minimize our clutter and keep only the necessary items. Unfortunately, some of the necessary items are in need of replacement. {ie the $5 pots and pans that I bought from TJ Maxx in college} Besides, isn't getting new things that we both love part of the fun of getting married?

The turquoise walls in this kitchen are so lovely! If only I could paint our walls!

I absolutely adore this kitchen which belongs to Hannah Berman of Pie Bird Press. The coupling of the turquoise with red is so very lovely. As much as I would love to adhere to a two-color palate, I find that I would miss all the green in my kitchen. I am thinking a modified version of the above scene with pops of avocado and lime green thrown in. I can't get rid of my 1960s, retro green blender, can I? Not to mention all the vintage tins I so adore...

I have been wanting to create a collage over the kitchen sink, and I think this is just the inspiration I needed. Now I am on the search for vintage-inspired posters and am planning a search for record albums and music fliers in a red and turquoise theme.

In fact, I am inspired by Hannah's entire house. I often feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to incorporate my feminine, vintage taste with K's masculine outdoorsiness and simplicity. Although I did recently find a beige zebra rug that looks wonderful in our bedroom! Hannah's home seems to have a sense of vintage charm as well as a laid-back comfortableness that I desire in my own home.

all above images found here
merci mme berman!

Here are a couple other ideas that I love from the home of Olga Naiman, creative director and prop stylist who worked regularly for Domino Magazine. Her home exudes style in every room without being overbearing.

images found here courtesy of Ms. Naiman
I will definitely be looking for a valance to place over the kitchen sink nook!

The use of cinder blocks as a bed frame is ingenious {shoe storage!} and also brings a bit of industrial chic to the bedroom.

The task of home-making is a bit daunting seeing as I am unable to paint walls or remove carpet for hardwood floors, but I am confident that after a bit of tweaking, a few DIY projects, and a few wedding gifts, our new apartment will soon take on the shape of our new home. Not just our individual stuffs sitting next to each other, but a space that we can share and enjoy while building a life together.

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Sunday, June 21

Friday, June 19

{friday} frivoloities and {weekend} wishes

All men have a sweetness in their life. It is towards this that they turn when they feel too worn out.
Albert Camus

this was on the kitchen table when i arrived home yesterday

wishing you a beautiful weekend
filled with all the things you love
happy friday mes amis

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Thursday, June 18

what are we but {mice and men}

i want to watch the sunrise
every day in your eyes
-- Nate Nelson, musician

today i am thankful {for}
vanilla soy creamer in my coffee
movies from netflix
chocolate chip cookies
K's delicious cheesy scrambled eggs
library books

but most of all, i am thankful for my K
we are in love,
he is truly my best friend,
and i get to marry him

i am so very blessed by this man i will call husband

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Sunday, June 14

no boys allowed

This menswear-inspired outfit is one of my favorites for a Friday workday. It is perfect for a quick change as it transitions so very easily from work to evening by a simple change of shoes.

vest & heels, H&M; black cigarettes, F21; necklace, The Loft; cameo ring, June Shin

Now it is your turn, my lovelies. What is your favorite work-to-evening outfit?

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Thursday, June 11

{catching up}

So it is finally the weekend for me, and I now have a chance to catch up on reading all of my favorite blogs and responding to your comments on my posts. Let me just say that I absolutely love getting emails that tell me one of you lovelies has left a comment on my blog. It really makes my day :)

That being said, I received the sweetest award from my friends, the AsianCajuns. Theirs is one of my daily clicks, so I was incredibly flattered. Merci, mes amies!

To further cement my reader-induced blog-euphoria, the lovely Arlynn of Fleur De-licious tagged me with a Summer Blog Tag. {Seriously, I'm blushing!} Here are my top five favorite things about summer:

1. eating ice cream outside on the town square
{italian coffee is my favorite flavor}
2. sandals, wedges, and peep-toes galore!
3. reading books merely for pleasure instead of studying them
4. driving with the windows down and listening to bob dylan and tom petty
5. morning runs at 7am while it's still cool out
{there's something about the cool of early summer mornings. its like a special secret, not meant for anyone to know of, and you are lucky to be a part of it. the air is tinged with moisture but not humidity, the birds are barely awake, and the world is still in silent slumber. it's very quiet and very magical.}

But my most favorite thing about this summer.... is planning my wedding!

What about you, lovely readers? What are your favorite things about summer?

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days off are good for the soul

I spent yesterday glorying in the fact that I was off from work and had a delicious lunch with my lovely friend Suzanne, who took me to a very nontraditional burger joint called Flip Burger Boutique. {I love that it is a burger boutique!} Check out their menu here. If you are in the Atlanta area, I would definitely recommend a visit!

We both had the turkey burger lettuce wrap and asparagus tempura. The burger was topped with avocado, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and pomegranate ketchup. YUM! The asparagus is dipped in tempura batter and fried {i think} so it has a light breading to it, and it is to die for! Also, as a little treat to ourselves, we had mini Nutella milkshakes complete with roasted mini marshmallows on top. It was heaven.

After such a wonderful lunch, I ran around a bit, hunting down trousers at H&M {stay tuned for outfit posts!}, looking for father's day presents, clothes shopping for K, and rearranging/decorating the apartment. Overall, it was quite a satisfying and much needed day of self-time.

Here's looking forward to a three day weekend, time with my family and K, a {long overdue} date with my BFF, strawberry picking, making cookies, and playing dress up. Avoir une bonne journée, ma belle amis.

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Tuesday, June 9

trouser talk

Although I absolutely adore my dresses and skirts due to their overt femininity, I have recently decided that skirts and work simply do not mix. At least not in my field. Squatting, climbing, and bending whilst running around a pharmacy for 8-10 hours a day really necessitates trousers. Not to mention that a lab coat often looks a bit odd when placed over a frilly dress.

Alas, I am on the hunt for the perfect slacks. Of course there are the proverbial black cigarettes that make their rotation approximately three times week, but I am growing weary of wearing only them. I should like a bit more variety in my choice of trousers. Here are some of my favorites thus far.

1. Pleated Carrot Trousers, Anthropologie 
4. Cross-Front Crops, Anthropologie
5. Dance Floor Jumper, Anthropologie

Tomorrow brings a trip to H&M during which I will search for things along these lines. Any suggestions for my perfect-trouser mission? 

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Sunday, June 7

happiness {is}

{sunday} morning breakfast with k.

turkey sausage cooked in blackberry jam, apples/raisins/walnuts drizzled in honey

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Coveted Item No. 23

I have long been on the search for the quintessential leather jacket, ideally from a thrift store, complete with worn patches around the elbows and softened leather from years of use. In my imagination, it is a light brown, 70s inspired piece that would complement dresses, skirts, and dark-wash skinnies. Unfortunately, it seems that this jacket exists only in my imagination, and so I have moved on to what is available at UO. 

Option No. 1:
I love the caramel color of the one,  but the pocket on the sleeve seems a bit out of place on a leather jacket.

Option No. 2
This one is a bit more streamlined, but it is only available in black. Also, I am not entirely sure that I want it to be cropped.

So, I need your help, my lovelies! What are your opinions regarding these jackets? Perhaps you know of a great place to find the {perfect} leather jacket? :)

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Saturday, June 6

{local} celebrity

Congratulations are in order for K, who won a local photography contest!

This picture was chosen as the feature in our monthly town circular. It's a small step, but I am ecstatic! Now he knows that I don't simply encourage his hobby because we'll soon share a last name. :)

There is another contest next month, so stay tuned to see if he'll win a second time!

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Wednesday, June 3


old family photo, April 1957

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.
~Johann Schiller

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Tuesday, June 2

Weekend Adventure No. 42: {a day on the lake}

This past Saturday was a beautiful, hot sunny day, perfect for a trip to the lake. K and I accompanied some family out on their boat for fishing, lunch, wake boarding, and good-old sunbathing. It was a welcomed treat to bask in the sun and say hello to the beginning of summer.

Happy, but tired from a long day in the sun, we celebrated summer by grilling turkey burgers w/ cheddar and arugula, complete with a side of sweet potato fries. What goes better with boats than burgers, right?

Here's wishing you all a happy start to summer. What are your plans? Small, local type trips or long vacations?

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