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Friday, March 30

Living Green: Beauty

I mentioned a while ago that I've recently become much more aware of what beauty and bath products I use. Homemade body scrub was a simple and luxurious fix for the immediate issue, but it took some time to research which products will be allowed shelf space in my bathroom cabinet.

As far as cosmetics go, I trashed all the carcinogen*-containing products in lieu of healthier natural, vegan options. {Updates on which I love the most to come.} This was a great resource for weeding through my current makeup stash and saying goodbye to more than a few products. {Namely, my favorite red lipstick. That was a tough one to get rid of.} Just type in the name of your product or search by brand to find out the potentially harmful ingredients. 

So I know what you're thinking. What's the big deal? Why should I pay more for natural or organic cosmetics and beauty products?

1. Our faces absorb approximately 60% of what we put on them, from foundation to eye shadow. The skin around your eyes is thin and highly vascularized {ie, lots of blood flow}, which makes an ideal environment for absorption. So those carcinogens in your eyeshadow are getting directly absorbed into your body.

2. The FDA does not regulate the ingredients contained in cosmetics and personal care items {only food and medications}. This means that known carcinogens are legally contained in many of our favorite products.

Other things:
Get involved in the safe cosmetics campaign.
For a general "guide" to conscious consumerism, this is a great article.
Get this app for when you're shopping and need information about products -- just scan the barcode!

What are your favorite natural beauty products?

*carcinogen = cancer-causing chemical
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Thursday, March 29

Totally Casual

This past weekend absolutely flew by between appointments to attend and decisions to make. Faced with a tight schedule and a bit of home-buyer stress, I wore different versions of the same outfit all weekend long. Naturally. A vintage scarf doubled as a hair piece, I didn't change out of my favorite skinnies until bedtime, and my chambray shirt really got in a workout.

vintage scarf and sunnies, Crewcuts blouse, BDG skinnies, Dolce Vita wedges {gifted from my mama}, vintage bracelet, Revlon 'British Red' lipstick

What is (are) your go-to piece(s) for a busy weekend?

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Wednesday, March 28

Fitness and Fashion

A little while ago I mentioned that my quickly upcoming graduation, licensing and employment will allow for some adult purchases that have been on my wishlist for quite some time. Now that we're under contract on a house (!!!) and I legitimately need a decent professional wardrobe, I've started to compile slightly more comprehensive sets of items that I hope to add to our house and to my closet in the near future*.

Nice yoga and running clothes are at the top of my wishlist. I'm super excited about the fact that there are multiple yoga studios near my pharmacy!
to layer under this jacket and wear with these Stella McCartney running tights  and  these flats 

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*I know that these posts will make me sound incredibly materialistic, but that is honestly not the case. I've made some decisions lately that will affect my clothing purchases from here on out, but I won't go into detail there. Just know that although these posts are highlighting worldly, material things, I certainly don't need them to be happy.

Tuesday, March 27


This past Friday afternoon while I was busy creating & scheduling blog posts reading scholarly articles, an 18-wheeler randomly drove down our tiny city street. In the process of attempting a turn far too sharp for a truck of this size, the top of the truck collided with the low-hanging phone cable.... and proceeded to snap the cable. Let's note here that I've never seen a truck that size on these streets. One, there is no reason for them to be here -- that's the purpose of the main highway. Two, the power lines aren't high enough to accommodate a large 18-wheeler caboose.

The end result of this unfortunate event? No internet chez HiS. All. Weekend. Long*.

Until today.
So here's a brief little snapshot of my past few days via the Instagram lens.
Regular programming to resume tomorrow.

A countryside drive, afternoon yoga
Green smoothies, grapefruit sparklers, coffee and magazines, girl's night with this lady
Beautiful weather, canoe repairs


*This also meant that the Mad Men Marathon I had planned for Saturday night has been indefinitely postponed. The next couple weekends are already booked.  
{Shakes fist at truck driver.}

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Thursday, March 22

Springing Forward

The weather here in the southeast has been incredible lately. Although midday gets a touch too warm for traditional March weather, we've moved fully into spring {or do I mean early summer?}. While it seems we've skipped the cool spring weather and jumped straight to 80 degree days, I'm not complaining. This season is one of so much change and growth in my life that I am welcoming the sunshine, warmth and promise of new life with widely open arms.

Anthropologie sweater, F21 lace top (similar here and here), Old Navy tank, BDG skinnies, Nine West heels (similar), vintage pearls, Revlon British Red lipstick

This outfit was from last weekend at my parent's house. Sambo was so overjoyed to be able to run free {we got him an electronic collar} that he rolled down this grassy hill repeatedly. Part of me hopes he never grows out of his playful puppy-ness.


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Tuesday, March 20

On Point

Lately it seems like I've been seeing pointed toe heels all over the place. Which is pretty great, considering that I've been searching high and low for a pair of pointed toe nude wedges. {I've been obsessed with the idea ever since this pair debuted on Atlantic-Pacific forever ago.} I haven't found the pair yet {the heel is too low, the toe is too round, etc}, but here are a few that have caught my eye.

1. Cathi - Steve Madden
2. Annie - Loeffler Randall
3. Pannick - Steve Madden
4. Drea - Tory Burch
5. Noted - Steven by SM
6. Vargas - Jeffery Campbell
8. Herena - Aldo

I'm also contemplating these, especially now that I can wear open-toe shoes to work!

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Monday, March 19

Southern Traditions: Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

I had this post scheduled for last week when I was very pleasantly surprised to see my dear friend Lesley share the recipe on her blog! I wanted to wait to publish this recipe after someone else had tried it, and according to Les, it was a hit. Growing up it was admittedly one of my least favorite meals {I was super picky as a child. My poor mother...}, but now this pot pie is on regular rotation in our house. The crust is my favorite part -- crumbly and salty with scallions baked right in! I am overjoyed to share this recipe with anyone who will listen. So take a quick hop over to Lesley's blog {one of my daily reads} and see what she had to say!

Added bonus: this is a great recipe for when battling a winter cold. Full of vegetables, lean protein and fiber -- exactly what your healing body needs.

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Friday, March 16

Friday Favorites

I'm aboslutely in love with this video. It makes me miss my ballet/modern days so very much. 

Found via Catherine of the AsianCajuns on Pinterest.

Happy Friday
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Monday, March 12

Outdoor Spaces

One of the most exciting things about purchasing a home is the potential for creating a really incredible outdoor space. A place for grilling and entertaining, curling up in the sun with a book, planting an herb and vegetable garden, and simply enjoying nature. Lately I've been scouting deck design websites and bookmarking some inspiring spaces that I'd like to emulate. Here are some of my current favorites.

{all can be found here}

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Friday, March 9


Six weeks, people. Six weeks until I'm finished with school, forever.

I'm not sure it's hit me yet, since I still feel like my days are overly long yet are somehow flying by. I've been trying to soak up every minute that I can before all of the {exciting} changes start -- coffee and chats with sweet friends, nightly yoga, breakfast for dinner, sillines while packing, trail runs with our precious pup, and weekday dinner dates.


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Tuesday, March 6

Blue Hues

The weather has been so crazy here lately. One day it's sunny and 78 degrees and the next is windy with a high in the low 50s. It's downright confusing. Unpredictable weather and a five am wake up call? That's just asking too much for my tired, pharmacy-soaked brain. My solution? Layering, a scarf, and brightly colored pants to distract from my lack of inspiration. That and a bit of lipstick. It makes me feel like a grown up. {And because I like seeing the lipstick outline on my coffee cup.}

H&M blazer and faux fur stole, Ann Taylor blouse {love the spring version}, The Loft skinnies, Nine West pumps {similar here}, Anthropologie necklace, Maybeline Fifth Avenue Fuchsia lipstick


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Monday, March 5

Charcter Traits

Lately I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be a good listener. It's something that I honestly strive to be, especially for those closest to me, and I believe it is a trait that we all seek in our closest friends. Perhaps it's just where I am right now and what the Lord is trying to teach me*, but now more than ever I am longing for the sweet closeness that comes from a dear friend and good listener.

Sometimes we just want to be heard. We want to talk {for hours even} and have someone truly listen. We don't want another person sitting across from us waiting to talk, to reprimand our faults or to show us our insecurities. We want to feel justified, even in our frustration and sorrow. And while I'm certainly not an advocate of self-pity or ignoring character flaws, I do believe in the emotional justification that can only come from a long talk with a close girlfriend -- one who will listen for hours on end if necessary, empathize with your feelings, and even wait to tell you the hard truth until you're ready to hear it.

I'm lucky enough to have a few of these people in my life -- ones I know I can call for a long chat, a cathartic cry, or a dose of encouragement {or all three, let's be honest}. So here's to close friends and to learning how to be a good listener.


*Lately I've been feeling isolated from everyone I love, but I know the Lord it teaching me to rely solely upon Him, that He is always with me, and that He is the only one who can bring me true joy and justification.

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Friday, March 2

Friday Favorites

Currently loving:
these photos
peachy hues
neon + stripes

this recipe {i'm a sucker for eggs and veggies}
my goal calendar

Is it just me or has this week stretched on forever? As usual, I'm ready for the weekend, which promises a large dose of fun -- coffee with an old friend, a couples shower for a sweet lady, lunch in the city with my love, a trip to the farmer's market, and {hopefully} some down time with my sweet mama. I couldn't ask for more.


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