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Wednesday, February 19

Make Believe // Spring Wardrobe

If money were no object... and I weren't currently pregnant... and wouldn't be trying to get my pre-pregnancy Crossfit self back*...
this is what I would be wearing this spring:

Pilot Jumpsuit - Emerson Fry
Organic Moto Jacket - Shop Bloom
Beach Side Twist Tee - Free People
Veranda Sandals - Anthropologie
Marni Dress in Pink - Sonnet James 

Here's to warmer weather, bare shoulders, and pink dresses. 
Happy Spring! 


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*I cannot wait to do pull-ups again. I tried to keep doing them as long as possible during pregnancy, but it was too hard on my lower abdomen. Seriously looking forward to that first grueling workout!

Tuesday, February 18

Monday Musings {On a Tuesday}

My life has officially been out of control lately... and our little one hasn't even arrived yet! Ha! Guess it's a good indicator of what's to come. Despite our business, everything is going well. Still working my regular schedule, sleeping in three hour increments, enjoying some beautiful weather, accidentally running my belly into door frames, and waiting for the day that I can hold this little man in my arms instead of in my belly.

Some other things...

This article on the last days of pregnancy was poignant. I may have cried a little. 

I can't wait to wear real person jeans again. These are on my post-baby shopping list -- so good for summer!

Another item on my {small} clothing wish list: these clogs by Free People

A sweet family friend gave us a KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment, so making this strawberry ice cream is on my to-do list {oh, and it's paleo!}. 

Speaking of delicous desserts, did you see my friend Lesley's recipe for drunken bananas foster? I'm not much of a banana dessert person, but this recipe is just. so good.

LOVE the idea of gold dipped furniture, so there may be a DIY in my near future... I'm looking at you hand-me-down wooden TV cabinet. 

Another DIY: how to make a pendant light out of just about anything. 

A guide to indoor house plants

And, my favorite {all-nautral} face washes: one and two. Also love this scrub and use it a couple times a week. 

What are you up to these days? I feel like I am in a whirlwind and am making it a point to sloooooow down a bit this week.


copryight Hiking in Stilettos 

Monday, February 10

Monday Musings

How is it already February? Someone tell me. I feel like the last couple weeks just flew by. I'm sure you've already heard, but Atlanta got some snow, and the city shut down. We played in it a little, but mostly it just made the few work days after the snow absolutely crazy. {One lady called the pharmacy and actually said "I can't get down my driveway because of the ice, so can you deliver my order?" What?!!} Also, the other pharmacist was on vacation that week, so we were a person short. I think I slept the weekend away last weekend to make up for the exhausting day I had on Friday. 

This past week was another blur, with work being pretty busy and me spending my free time working on a side project and cleaning/organizing our house for an upcoming baby shower. {Yay!} But, I think I'm back to the land of the living! At least til the little one makes his appearance, ha! 

Here are some things for your Monday morning:

-- We rented this movie, which was surprisingly good. Love me some Tom Hanks, not gonna lie. 

-- I will never grow out of my love for Jenny Lewis. Never. 

-- After reintroducing dairy post-Whole30, I realized that it makes me congested and gives me headaches. I'm obsessed with this half and half for weekend mornings, nonetheless. 

-- On a related note, I need to try this recipe for paleo coffee creamer, but I'm hesitant because I don't love the taste of coconut milk in my coffee. I'll let you know if I stumble upon a winner!

-- Speaking of recipes, I really want to try and make these samoas with GF flour and almond milk. Don't they look amazing?

-- Also, speaking of recipes, I finally ordered Danielle's cookbook, Against all Grain. Obsessed, I tell you. So many good recipes. 

-- I followed this Ikea hack and made a new side table for our living room. Seriously love it. Too bad my local Ikea only had one table in stock... hoping to pick up the other one this week. 

-- My spot for daily scripture and inspiration. So blessed by these ladies and their immense love for the Lord. 

-- I've been on the hunt for a vintage periodic table for years. So jealous of this one! It even has 3D electron distribution. {Yes, I know how nerdy that sounds.}

Here's to a great week, warmer weather and the hope of spring!

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