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Monday, September 30

Meal Planning: 9/30 thru 10/5

 While the idea of meal planning seems to be everywhere these days, it's definitely nothing new to a paleo household. I'd even say it's critical for eating clean on a daily basis. I often get questions about what my daily meals look like, so I'm hoping this will help. Each Sunday, husband and I spend a few hours in the kitchen making a huge mess preparing food for the week - typically one or two dinners, something for lunch, and either a breakfast dish or a snack. Here's what we cooked {and are eating} this week:

I used sliced ham instead of prosciutto, fresh chopped kale instead of spinach, diced green onions instead of sauteed onions, and omitted the mushrooms. I've also recently become obsessed with roasted garlic, so I used that instead of its raw counterpart.
Pair a muffin {or two} with a handful of almonds or cashews, half a grapefruit, or some breakfast sausage. Delicious and portable!

Left-over spaghetti squash and meatballs from the weekend {a good sauce is key for this dish} OR mix green salad with oven-baked chicken and homemade paleo ranch OR sweet potato, bacon and egg salad {also a good breakfast option} with a mix green salad.

Nom Nom Paleo's thai curry chicken with asian cauliflower fried rice. I made a few edits here too, using whatever veggies I had on hand, which happened to be carrots and broccoli for the curry. I also left out the bacon for the rice since we were eating it with the curry and omitted mushrooms {not big mushroom fans over here} and the Red Boat Fish sauce because I can't find it at the store. This dish will feed us two nights and maybe one of us for lunch.
Health-Bent's pumpkin chili with avocado cream. I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin, and this is one of our all time favorite chili recipes. We add diced butternut squash into the mix for more texture and some extra veggieness. The avocado cream is delicious, but if you don't have time to make it, no worries. The chili is great on its own. Plus, it freezes well and makes for good leftovers!

I saw this recipe for GF homemade cereal bars the other day and decided to give it a shot. I plan on making a blueberry version of these tomorrow during my off day to use for snacks or for breakfast. {I leave the house by 6:30am most mornings, so I usually opt for grab and go foods.} Not stirct paleo, but most treats aren't.

We made the curry & rice and egg muffins on Sunday and also baked chicken for salads and cut up veggies for snacks. Tuesday I plan on making the cereal bars and the pumpkin chili. And that's how we do it!

Happy paleo planning.

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Friday, September 27

Week Ending


I think it's safe to say that fall is well on its way, with crisp cool mornings and evenings occurring almost daily. I couldn't be happier. This is by far my favorite time of year.

This weekend will be pretty calm since husband is working Saturday, but we've been making lots of plans for the month of October. What are you doing this weekend?

I will be...
- trying out some new paleo recipes {I went on a pinning spree the other day}. this one looks particularly good
- making a few extra meals to fill our new freezer {more on that later!}
- attending a wedding shower for one of my childhood friends
- hopefully going to meet baby Brooks {so. cute.}
- perusing the antique store for the perfect mid-century sideboard

Happy weekend!

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Tuesday, September 24

Black & Blue

Target blouse & pants, LuLu Townsend heels via DSW, Anthropologie necklace, vintage bracelets, Michael Kors bag

Although I own a fair amount of blue clothing, this top has quickly become a favorite. The flowy silhouette, contrast piping, and uneven hemline make the solid royal blue {a favorite of mine} even more interesting. Added bonus -- it pairs equally well with black skinnies and flared jeans, making it versatile enough for both work and play.


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Monday, September 23

Weekend Adventure: Camping at Tate Branch

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that our favorite way to escape the world and find solace is in the outdoors. So a couple weekends ago, we decided that a low-key camping trip was in order. We packed up the tent, some good food, our hiking gear and our pup and headed north to the Nantahala National Forest {my favorite} for a couple nights.

Our itinerary was low-key, starting with a a half day hike on Saturday to the top of Big Scaly Mountain. It was eight miles round trip... four uphill and four down! {Our legs were a bit sore the next day.} Then, we spent the afternoon relaxing and reading next to the river. Husband built an amazing campfire and we ate and talked next to the fire until it dwindled out. Sunday morning we woke up and explored the river a bit, husband fished, Sam played in the water. 

it was just what we needed, and we can't wait for our next camping trip that's coming up in October. {Last year's birthday trip was so completely perfect, that I've been dreaming of Standing Indian for the past couple weeks!}


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Friday, September 20

Have a Fabulous {Fall!} Weekend!

As I'm writing this, the windows in our sunroom are open and letting in the most delicious, cool fall breeze. What a great way to start this day and to start the weekend! 

These next couple days off rest are actually pretty full for us, and I am excited for our plans...

- visiting my girl kindredly {who is about to become a mom! I seriously can't wait} and seeing baby Brook's nursery
- hopefully visiting my new fairy god son this afternoon, who will be the perfect start to a great weekend {yes, both my besties are about to have littles! so exciting!}
- time for quiet reflection and reading and discussing this book 
- morning coffee on the front porch
- firing up our grill and eating dinner on the patio beneath our new twinkle lights
- baking something pumpkin {I'm stuck between these tasty-looking muffins and my favorite GF bread}

Low-key weekends like this one, filled with friends, cool weather, and hanging out with husband on the porch/patio are my absolute favorite.
What are you doing this weekend?

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Wednesday, September 18

InstaLife: Life Lens

The past couple months have been filled with fun highlights including a baby shower for my bestie {college roommate!}, a few hiking trips, a family reunion, brunch with friends, a much needed hair update {thanks mom!}, weekly yoga, sunsets with Sam, birthday parties for special littles, and lots of love.


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Tuesday, September 17

Small but Significant Changes

In an effort to live life to the fullest, minimize stress and anxiety, and increase overall health and wellness, husband and I have made some changes to our daily routines. Our journey toward wellness started four or five years ago when we transitioned to a paleo diet and lifestyle, but lately we have implemented a few new changes that are definitely resulting in more rest, energy, an greater sense of well-being. 

1. Monitor your television and internet intake
Instead of turning on the television or the computer at the end of the day, we have been making an effort to spend time reading {we have been checking out books from our local library}, sitting on the front porch {the weather has been amazing!}, or sharing our evening meal at the dinner table instead of in the living room. We definitely have shows that we enjoy {hello Master Chef}, but we typically record them and watch them together one or two evenings a week, usually after a loooong day at work.

2. Spend an hour or more each week doing yoga together
Not only is yoga great for strength, flexibility and muscle control, it's great to have a partner. Some stretches can be deepened just by having a pair of hands to hold. Also, we have found that working out together makes us work harder - we encourage and motivate each other to do our very best.

3. Read the same passage of scripture daily or have a weekly family devotional
Even if you read the Bible separately, having something common to discuss allows for great conversations and deeper insights into the Word. Often times we find different perspectives on the same scripture or generate interesting questions and insights just by talking about what we've read. This is also a great practice to start as a couple, and continue as your children grow older. {Side note, I love this website.}

4. Plan and prep your meals for the week... together
I've talked about the importance of a stocked pantry and meal planning before, and we will talk about it again soon, but putting in the effort together makes the process much easier and much more enjoyable. For us this means good tunes in the background, a specific menu with recipes, and delegated tasks for us both. We usually spend about two hours in the kitchen on Sunday afternoon. Typically we make one stovetop meal, bake chicken or boil eggs for lunch salads, toss something in the crockpot, and maybe make a frittata or paleo muffins for snacks. The key though, is that we do it all together.

5. Get eight hours of sleep
I know most of you think this seems impossible, and I know it's gotta feel that way when there are littles involved. BUT, sleep is crucial. I won't get all sciency on you, but a lack of sleep elevates cortisol, a stress hormone, which in turn prevents you from losing weight or gaining muscle, and places your body in a state of constant stress. So look for things you can cut out of your day or save for the weekend. For us, weekly meal planning and cutting out TV gives us the time during the week to get into bed on time.

6. Walk everyday
Even if you only have ten or twenty minutes, take a walk {preferably without your cell phone} together. For me, it helps clear my mind from the days events and allows husband and I to just be together, even if its only for a few minutes.


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Monday, September 16


I took an unannounced two month break from blogging, and I apologize... but I needed some time away to process and accept some major life changes that I wasn't quite ready for. I try to make this space uplifting and encouraging, yet completely honest. And honestly, I haven't been in the best place emotionally  these last couple months.

But by the grace of God, through countless hours in prayer {which I still require today}, and with love and encouragement from friends, family and my amazing husband, I am feeling better.

So here's to being thankful for what you do have, the blessings and opportunities that are present in our lives, and the love and friendship of good people. Here's to happiness and hope in any circumstance, and to honesty above all.


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