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Wednesday, September 30

tom tom

i've been a fan of toms for quite a while
and i'm finally going to take the plunge and buy a pair.
it's for a such good cause, and honestly, i need some school shoes.
{you try walking speedily all day in three inch heels, lugging books, a purse, and a laptop}

also, i may have a birthday coming up,
and these would be an ideal gift.

also, husband's birthday is ten days after mine
so he will be getting these.

not only will we be providing two pairs of shoes to children in need,
we will be so adorable.
it's such an easy way to do something good.

visit the site, read about their amazing movement,
and tell me,
which pair of toms would you get?

images courtesy of toms shoes
copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Monday, September 28

longing for adventure

it's about this time of year,
when the leaves think of changing color
and cooler mornings begin to come our way,
that i begin to look for adventures.

this usually manifests as countless camping and hiking trips.
weekends are spent climbing mountains,
grilling over open fires,
taking pictures of changing leaves,
and reading lecture notes beside a campfire.

tate city, fall 2008

this year seems a bit different, though.
instead of longing for just weekends away,
i am wishing for a real adventure...
a cross-country,
multiple week,
time in the car,
isolated get-away...

luckily, we have a honeymoon to colorado in the works,
and trust me, i am counting down the days.

however, my longing for adventure has led me to these great finds.
incredible trips that are definitely on the agenda
at some later date in time.

1. the lincoln highway
the lincoln highway was america's first trans-continental highway,
originating in 1913.
it spans 3400 miles from coast to coast,
from new york to san francisco.
click here for a brief history of the lincoln highway
a great road trip idea,
with some really cool places to stay along the way.
the grand view point hotel in the 1930s

2. redwood national park: fern canyon
a road trip to california
for a chance to experience the redwood forest?
yes, please.
not only do i want to walk among the tall redwoods
and try to stretch my arms around them,
i want to walk through fern canyon,
surrounded by 40-foot walls blanketed with ferns.

3. backpacking the blue mist: great smoky mountains
k and i took a road trip to gsm national park a few years ago,
and i have been wanting to return ever since.
the blue smoke the area is famous for is a result of plant respiration,
and it is hauntingly beautiful.
imagine waking to a cool fall morning,
crisp air layered by pale blue fog,
sitting by a campfire, drinking strong coffee,
just taking it all in...

there are so many places to visit within the states alone;
i can't even begin to think internationally...
the list of adventures is just too extensive.

{on a side note, my friends, the asiancajuns
just returned from a trip to NOLA.
visit their site to read about it!}

and you, lovely reader,
where would you go in search of adventure?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Sunday, September 27

animal magnetism

{from our wedding rehearsal}

dress, Banana Republic; shoes, Steve Madden; belt, F21; bracelet & earrings, vintage

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Friday, September 25

weekend {highlights}

a peek at some of my favorite weekend moments:

finding this book of stories at an antique store
i still have a copy from my childhood,
filled with memories of my mother reading fairy tales and nursery rhymes.
i look forward to sharing it with a dear friend and her daughter.

a trail run with husband in preparation for this race
one+ hour, four puddles, and countless spider webs later,
we emerged from the trails muddy and tired,
but smiling.

a visit to piedmont park to see joe purdy,
a concert series i plan to frequent next summer.
joe {yes. we're on a first name basis now. and no i didn't take him a cupcake.}
was phenomenal,
and the ambiance at park tavern was quite lovely.
white lanterns adorned the tents,
and a cool breeze from the cloudy, rainy day
made the last of the summer heat quite comfortable.

here's looking forward to another weekend
full of wonderful moments.

i wish you all a lovely weekend ahead.


for you locals wanting more information
on unplugged in the park, visit the event website

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Thursday, September 24

easy {weeknight} cooking

you lovely readers know that i love to cook.
i love to bake, i love to eat,
i love it all.

unfortunately, my new, hectic schedule leaves little time
for playing and experimenting in the kitchen.
so, i have tried to come up with quick, creative takes
on some of our favorite simple dinners.

spinach and brie stuffed chicken:
*you could really use any cheese you wish; mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta

i drained a package of frozen spinach,
mixed in my cheese of choice,
and added a dash of bread crumbs to help it stick.

cut a pocket into a thick chicken breast using a paring knife,
and stuff away!
bake at 375 for about 20-25 minutes
or until done.

pseudo-eggplant parmesan:
*i used a mix of eggplant and zucchini since my eggplant was small

cut the eggplant in to large strips,
and roast in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes.

remove and top with:
chunky marinara sauce
pesto (if you wish)
thick strips of fresh mozzarella
sprinkle of parmesan

roast again at 350 for about another 15 minutes,
remove, cool, and enjoy!

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Tuesday, September 22


happy first day of fall

here's a peek at my weekend plans...
some glittery petite pumpkins to decorate our home.

oh how i love fall.


project via Martha Stewart
copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Saturday, September 19

creepy couture

i was never a fan of halloween as a kid.
i loved dressing up {ballerinas and pippi longstocking were my favorite},
but i was always scared of the creepy masks and clowns parading down the street.

even as an adult, i just don't get excited over halloween.
last year was the first in quite a while
that i actually dressed up and went to a party.
{we were the twelve months, and i was miss april. april showers!}

that being said, i really can't explain my fascination with tim burton.
i loved edward scissorhands and beetlejuice growing up,
and the nightmare before christmas is among my favorite movies.
so when i saw the new harper's bazaar,
i was ecstatic.

some of the images are a bit creepy for my inner clown-fearing adolescent,
but i love dark, ominous quality of the shoot.

images courtesy of harper's bazaar

the images with the oversized skeleton are my very favorites;
i love the juxtaposition of vibrant flowers and the ominous skeleton.

it almost makes me rethink my aversion to halloween.
i wouldn't mind walking around in a couture red dress and stilettos.
i just have to talk husband into being the skeleton....

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Friday, September 18

weekend plans

i am looking forward to a quiet weekend spent at home,
just being with my sweet husband.

items on our agenda include:

planting some pretty little flowers to accompany these guys on our front porch:
and maybe finding a bench to place out there as well.
i'd really love a place to cuddle up with a good book
and enjoy the cooler weather that's just around the corner.

baking some delicious goodies,

attending rei's scratch and dent sale,
a three-year-old birthday party,
and a joe purdy concert in the park.
{i may take him a zucchini cupcake. what do you think?}

what are your plans for the weekend, my lovelies?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Thursday, September 17

{little} letters

i fell in love with this idea when i saw it here,
so i've decided to write a few little letters myself.

dear husband,
thanks for taking me around the city in search of anna sui...
and for checking the oil and tires on my car...
and for making the bed in the mornings...
you are so very good to me.

dear max the mini cooper,
thanks for withstanding our two hour commute each day.
those winding country roads wouldn't be nearly as fun in any other vehicle.

dear sweet sweet parents,
thank you for everything you did for the wedding.
it was so very perfect and magical,
and i will never forget a moment of it.

dear cinnamon vanilla creamer,
i'm glad you are back.
you make the cool morning drive that much more enjoyable.

dear e,
you are truly the best bestie i could ask for.
je t'aime.

dear little sheep,
i really adore seeing you on the hill each morning,
sleeping in the early morning fog.

dear lady at the coffee shop,
thanks for always smiling
and for wishing me a good day.

dear sweet lesley,
i simply adore you,
and your sweet family will always hold a place in my heart.

who would you write a little letter to today?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Tuesday, September 15


i need to somehow find this in a poster print
so it can live on my wall

i love it that much

**EDIT: you can purchase this print here
Thanks to PhyschMamma for telling us where to find it!
I really have the best readers. Love you guys!

Hiking in Stilettos

Saturday, September 12

wsj. fall roundup

with nyc fashion week on the brain,
i was very pleased to receive an email from wsj magazine
with a sneak peek at some of their favorite fall trends.

black beauties {the chunky black shoe}

heavy necking {saving the glamour for the accessories}

other incredible articles in the upcoming september issue include
rough luxe {where feathers and fur meet leather and wool}
fall: dark and handsome {a guide to sleek, chic coating}
and many more.

i think part of the reason i enjoyed these articles and slide shows
is because they highlight pieces that i am actually wearing...
chunky black booties? yes, yes
statement necklaces? still loving them
sweet but edgy combinations? always a favorite
...or things that i am still on the lookout for
{the perfect eggplant colored coat, a peacock-inspired skirt}

and for you dear readers,
what are some of your favorite fall looks this year?
and where are you finding your inspiration?


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Thursday, September 10

Wednesday, September 9

selby inspirations

i find that the most difficult room in a house to style is the office.
given a blank slate and an unlimited budget,
i am quite certain that i could create a magnificent library,
complete with stylish, comfy chairs, floor to ceiling bookshelves,
a cozy fireplace, and incredible lighting...

however, when dealing with a {somewhat} small apartment
and a basically nonexistent budget,
the task becomes significantly more difficult.
alas, i am taking some office inspiration from the best,
the selby.

love the pink walls {of course}

love the red shelves

i do adore chalkboard paint

the difference in the self heights here adds interest

love the map, the collage-esque corner, and the use of books to add height

all images courtesy of the selby
copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Saturday, September 5


true love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another

here's to a lifetime of midnight snacks, saturday breakfasts,
long morning trail runs, all-day hikes,
cross-country adventures, weekends camping,
cooking at home, nights on the town,
and {most importantly} lots of playing in the rain

love you dude.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Friday, September 4

{back to} the dark side

hello again, darker hair. i've missed you this summer.
don't worry blunt bangs, you're next on the agenda.

my only problem with this outfit was choosing shoes.
i decided to go with the sweet, summery green peep toes for day,
and the black, chunky booties for night.

American Apparel v-neck, F21 skirt, NY&Co flower pin, UO belt and necklace
Anthro peep-toes, Steve Madden booties

copyright Hiking in Stilettos