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Thursday, May 31


My favorite thing about this super casual summer dress is the deep magenta color. That and the fact that it feels like pajamas, which are most definitely not allowed at work. Dresses that feel like pajamas but look nothing like pajamas, however, are a completely different story.

 Loft dress (similar here), Anthropologie necklace, Urban Outfitters belt, Target wedges, vintage bracelets

In other news, my hair is completely out of control. Lion's mane, I tell you.

Happy almost weekend.

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Wednesday, May 30

The Graduate

Just a few nostalgic images from my recent pharmacy school graduation.... 

I wore a red dress, white heels, earrings from my bestie, and Harry Potter-inspired regalia. After the ceremony, my family came to our new home for lunch,  celebrating and good conversation. The weekend was perfect, but oh so bitter sweet.


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Tuesday, May 29

Managing the Mantle

favorite themes: layered art, empty frames, alphabet 

One of my favorite features in our new home is the dramatic brick fireplace in our living room. The open floor plan of the living area, the layout of the entryway, and the central location of the fireplace make it an obvious focal point in the room. In it's current state, the mantle needs a bit of love. I plan to paint it a pale grey and to remove the heinous gold cover {it's straight from the 90s}, but I haven't decided on how to decorate yet. In our previous apartment, I had meaningful artwork and pictures on our mantle but frequently changed decor. And while I'm sure I will change things up equally often in this home, here are some of my current inspirations.

What is your mantle type?

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Monday, May 28

Land of the Living

Apparently living in the sticks is more challenging that I originally realized. Apparently it takes an act of Congress to set up internet, and the interstate is constantly under construction. But let me tell you, it is absolutely worth it. The evenings are incredibly quiet and peaceful, mornings on the front porch are serene, and the view rivals that of the north Georgia farms. 

 Crewcuts blouse (similar here), Target shorts & wedges, H&M necklace, Etsy clutch, vintage bracelets

In other news, I have no clue when exactly I wore this outfit, but it was most definitely a weekend. As lenient as my work wardrobe may be, I think hot pink shorts are pushing the line a bit. Nonetheless, I love them. Neon pink is the new neutral, don't you think?


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Friday, May 4

Radio Silence

The past week has absolutely flown by. Unfortunately our internet was cut off a day early {looking at you AT&T}, and we can't seem to find an internet provider at our new home. {Somehow no one has service in our area. I don't get it.} On the bright side, we are completely and officially moved into our new to us home! There are plenty of small and large projects that we have on the books, but it feels good to be in a space that is truly ours. Here's a small peek at what my life has been like during the past week or so.. nothing glamorous, but very fulfilling.

The weekend holds one last hurrah with my pharmacy school friends, senior banquet and graduation, hosting a family lunch at our home, and planting a garden.

Regular programming to resume next week.


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