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Friday, May 24

Sensing Happiness


This three day weekend has perfect timing. We were at a stand-still all week with our patio project due to the monsoon type rain we've been having, so time to work away! We also have plans to peruse a local art festival and have dinner with family, catch up on some Game of Thrones, and spend quality time as a little family. Hope you have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

Seeing: Inspiration for our work-in-progress outdoor space {and the shower it will hopefully soon host!}.
Hearing: My friend Jason blesses so many people with his sermons. the Lord is using this man in a wonderful way.
Tasting: These chicken + apple sausages. i make them at least once weekly {or twice if we are being honest.}
Smelling: The sweet combination of cardamon and rose for summer.
Touching: These insanely comfortable sandals - perfect for work and for play. I love them so much I may order a second pair in black.


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

One Up: Feelings of Inadequacy

We compare the highlight reels of others to our behind the scenes.

I listened to this podcast the other day while I was getting ready for work, and honestly it shook me more than I anticipated. So much so that I felt that perhaps many of you needed to hear it too. So take a few minutes on your way to work, while getting dressed, whenever.


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Wednesday, May 22

Meatloaf Casserole

Like the vast majority of busy women, I am constantly on the lookout for easy, but delicious paleo meals, especially ones that I can make on a Sunday and reheat during the week. I made this casserole over the past weekend, and it has served us well as a quick and tasty dinner for hectic work days. I adapted the recipe just a bit, but this one will definitely be going in the keep pile.

Preheat the oven to 400.
Brown the ground beef on the stove, adding the chopped onions when the meat is almost finished cooking. 
Slice carrots, zucchini & sweet potato using a mandolin or grater.
When the meat is finished, add tomato paste and all spices.
Transfer to a large bowl* and add in the zucchini, sweet potato and carrots.
Whisk the eggs, then add to the meat/veggie mixture.
Mix everything together and place into a 9x13 dish.
Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes. Remove foil and cook another 20 minutes. If you so desire, top with some freshly shredded grass-fed cheddar for the last five minutes of cooking to get it all melty and brown. 

To reheat, slice out your portion and reheat at 300 for about 15 minutes. Serve with a side of sauteed kale or any other green vegetable you desire.  

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
*I recommend browning the beef in a dutch oven, then adding everything to the dutch oven for mixing. I realized halfway through making this recipe that I don't own a bowl large enough to hold two pounds of meat plus all the shredded veggies that allows room for mixing.

Tuesday, May 21

Packing for Panama

Since one of the things on our pre-babe bucket list is to have a big adventure together, husband and I are headed to Panama next month! Our itinerary includes a zip line expedition, hiking in the cloud forest, sightseeing in the city and canal, a volcano hike, maybe some whitewater rafting, an excursion to a coffee estate, sea kayaking, and some down time on the beach. To say that I am excited is a vast understatement.

Breezy dresses, sandals, hats and sunglasses are my planned uniform, so I've compiled a few of my current favorites that would be perfect for this getaway.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Like the rest of you I was absolutely broken-hearted over the tradjegy in Oklahoma. I cannot imagine the pain and grief the people there must feel. Today I can't help but hold my loved ones a little tighter and praise the Lord for their health and safety. My prayers are with those affected by the tornado, those who are there helping pick up the pieces, and all of us as we watch the events unfold.

Sunday, May 19

The Great Shoe Debate: Style versus Comfort

Being on my feet all day every day means that I have to be careful about my footwear decisions. As much as I love my stilettos and four inch wedges, they just aren't feasible when standing/walking ten hours a day. Even my favorite flats and flat sandals tend to fall short on comfort after walking around in them for more than a few hours. I've found that I need both a comfortable sole and a bit of arch support {hello, high arches that I loved as a ballerina}. The challenge is finding comfortable shoes that are also somewhat stylish. And while these styles aren't exactly fashion-forward, they are pretty cute alternatives to aching feet.

And just for fun, some of my current favorites that don't make the wear-to-work cut... or maybe I could wear them for a half day? 

I currently own the Dansko Thea wedges in nude, and I love them. They aren't quite as comfortable as the standard orthopedic Dansko clogs, but they are much more comfortable than regular flats. {Two words: arch. support.} I'm also ordering the Worishfer wedges in black because I've actually been wearing Crocs ballet flats all week. My feet are hurting that bad. I like to pretend I'm wearing one of the cute styles directly above, but in reality, it's Crocs flats. I know. I've reached an all-time low.
Any comfortable shoe suggestions? I'm all ears.

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Tuesday, May 14

1 / 2

As I have gotten older I have noticed that my type A personality traits have become much more apparent in my daily life. I've always enjoyed making plans, writing lists and organizing my days, but I have realized over the past few years that it's more than just something I enjoy. Planning and listing is a way to calm myself and steel myself toward productivity, especially when I am overwhelmed. My mind works in rational, scientific ways. I work through problems in a logical order, from an issue at work to finding that lost bobby pin in my car. My closet is organized by color {ROY G BIV, anyone?} and within each color, it is organized by sleeve length. I also recently broke out some geometry when K an I were mapping out our soon-to-be-built patio. {He laughed, but my C=2(pi)r determined  the length of one side of the walkway, so it worked. Just saying.} Everything in my life has a place. Add in a profession that demands perfection, and you've got some serious type A tendencies.

While I truly believe that these traits enhance my professional attributes and serve to maintain my sanity as I juggle my daily life, I also believe that we all need time to disconnect. To toss out the lists, to not make plans. To find yourself curled up and napping on the couch with your pup at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. I also find serenity in the outdoors, especially camping trips like this one. And while there is quite a bit of list-making, planning & organizing involved, once we reach our destination, all bets are off. Often we have a vague idea of a hike we want to take or make tentative plans to watch the sunrise, but for the most part our days are free. No schedules, no phones, no computers. Just us and the trees, the river, the sky. I need this time to balance the scientific nature of my brain, to tap into my creative side, to ground me.

And now it's your turn.  What are your type A tendencies? 
And what are your tricks to make sure you don't go overboard?

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Tuesday, May 7

Real Food. Real Life. Real Workouts.

I often get questions about maintaining a paleo lifestyle on a regular basis. It's one thing to complete thirty days of clean eating, but how does that hold up after your cleanse is through? For me it was all about small changes and a slow transition, but that's another story for another day.

Today I wanted to share with you a new tumblr site which I will update with my daily meals and workout schedule. While I tend to repeat meals during the week, I hope it will help you come up with new meal ideas and also challenge you to think about what you eat in relation to when you workout and what type of workout you complete. {ie, I wouldn't recommend having a green smoothie for breakfast after completing a difficult WOD or doing sprints. Your body needs protein and even a little starch after work like that.}

Here's to finding ways to make your lifestyle paleo because I honestly believe it can work for everyone.


copyright Hiking in Stilettos

Saturday, May 4

Pre-Babe Bucket List*

Talk of little babes has been constant in my circle over the last six months. One of my sweetest friends had her second little girl in November, just after the new Year two of my closest girlfriends found out that they are expecting {and only a few weeks apart!}, and many other ladies I know are adding to their families as well. 

All this talk of babes has husband and I thinking about what we want to accomplish or experience before we take that step ourselves. And while you can't always plan these things {as was the case in the majority of my friends' pregnancies}, it's nice to have goals. At least it is for me. {Hello, type A}. And as excited as I am about the prospect of littles, here are a few things that I'd like to experience before we bring them into our lives.

~ have one big adenture trip with husband
~ complete a sprint triathlon
~ finish our backyard and build a patio
~ go on a mission trip to Haiti
~ run a half marathon
~ take sambo to the beach
What would you put on your pre-babe bucket list?
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*This is NOT an announcement, just so we are clear. :)

Friday, May 3

Sensing Happiness

family room inspiration
Ever have one of those weeks that just flies by because you are so swamped? One where when you finally make it inside at the end of the day, all you have time for is a quick dinner before you fall into bed? When even though you had fun things planned for your blog you only actually get in one post?
Yeah.... This week was like that.
I'll spare you the details as I'm sure they are interesting only to about two of my readers {hi mom and sister}. Instead I leave you with these few small things that filled my otherwise hectic week with happiness.

listening  love this song by wild cub. we may have had a couple dance parties to it already.
smelling  this delicious homemade citrus cleaner which pairs perfectly with one of my favorite kitchen candles
seeing  re-reading an old favorite that always gives perspective
tasting  a new favorite recipe - turkey basil artichoke meatballs. pairs perfectly with sauteed kale and is whole30 approved.
touching  damp earth and green plants - we are finally planting our summer vegetable garden this weekend {in between rain showers!}.

happy weekend!

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