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Tuesday, June 24

summertime outdoors

Here are some lovely outdoor spaces from the designer portfolios on the HGTV website. They all leave me longing for a similar space... a place to entertain, to unwind at the end of the day... with many flowers, cozy chairs and lounges, a gorgeous pool, a fire pit for cool summer nights (for places sans the humidity of the south). Can't you just imagine having a few friends over for a cookout? or curling up in one of those oversized chaises with a good book and a glass of wine?  sigh...

I love the gazebo in this image. It's a very vintage, romantic piece. 

I really like the strand of lights on the inside of the umbrella. It makes for some great ambience, don't you think?

I looove the fire pit idea. It would make a really great place to sit and read or  just hang out and talk.
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And if I had a backyard, I would definitely invest in one of these double chaise lounges from Pottery Barn... perfect for  cuddling with that one special person or just lounging around with a good book.


Danz said...

Wow these look like great spaces for both personal relaxation time and great summer parties. Fantastic!

AsianCajuns said...

I can't believe you have all those Tim Walker photos on your site! I've been a huge fan since forever! I just put some up for last night's post (love those powdered kitties). Do you have his latest book?

Ashley said...

I agree, danz, I would love to relax in any one of those backyards!

AC, I have been in love with Tim Walker for the longest time, too! I don't have his latest book, but I was planning on picking it up today, actually. Have you gotten it yet? I am sure it will be phenomenal as always!