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Friday, July 18

Finally Here: Project Runway Season 5

As I am sure you know, Wednesday night was the premiere of PR season 5, and I am already hooked! The episode was full of designer drama, disappointments, and oohs/aahs/squeals from the audience (ahem, me.) The first challenge was a throw back to season one: Gristedes! I was really hoping to see some of the designers use bizarre grocery items (maybe some live produce??) and was a little disappointed that so many of them opted for the tablecloths/shower curtains. However, when you're on national television with a ridiculously tight deadline... I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same. So, let's just talk about the pretties! So far, the ladies have caught and held my attention with dresses like these by Kenly, Kelli, and Leanne respectively. 

I really love Kenly's use of color and shape to create a very unique piece.
Kelli's inventive use of dyes and bleach and her attention to detail really made the different patterns on this dress stand out. 
I also like the industrial chic feel of the garment.
I think that this dress by Leanne is very cute with a bit of a sweet side. I also really like that it looks like it is made out of candy!


Wesley was another of my favorites, but that shouldn't surprise me as he has worked under my favorite designer, Marc Jacobs. The MJ influence really shows through in his own daily attire as well as in his designs. I thought that Jennifer's dress was very pretty and well made, but I would have like for her to take it farther somehow.

I was impressed with Daniel's use of a very unique item (plastic Solo cups!). The dress was quite cute and very well-fitting. He made a cocktail dress from a material that was difficult to work with, so I give him props for not using a tablecloth!

Overall, I was really pleased with the first episode. I completely agreed with the judges' decision to let go of Jerry. For someone who claimed to be on the edge of "making it big" in the fashion world, I felt like he really didn't put together something runway-worthy. I was a bit surprised at his poor performance, judging from his brief bio that showed the very structured and angular pieces in his collection. I admit, I expected a bit more from Jerry. Sigh. 

So, what did you all think? Do you have any favorites to add to the list? I can't wait for next Wednesday!


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AsianCajuns said...

Damn! I wish I had a TV. I'll have to watch some old episodes on YouTube to get my fix.

Always In Style said...

I absolutely loved the "coffee stain" dress - such details and creativity, I mean really, notebook spirals turned into hook and eye closures?