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Sunday, July 27

Red Dirt Soap Company

The Red Dirt Soap Company is an Oklahoma-based company providing natural soaps that contain "no animal fats, artificial dyes, pigments, petroleum products or chemicals with unpronounceable names... made with olive oil, coconut oil, pure essential oils, and/or fragrance oils, herbs and spices." Originally only found at Oklahoma craft shows, the Red Dirt products are now available online! 

This particular soap is citronella infused to deter unwanted insects while providing you with a clean, outdoorsy aroma.
"To keep bugs away, before going outside, wet the bar of soap, rub a light layer of lather over exposed skin, let the soap dry on skin, don't rinse it off. When you're back inside, you can rinse the soap off."

CUBA Cologne for Him: this is just adorable. I'm not sure how it smells, but, according to the website, it's great. I, however, am sold by the adorable packaging... typical me.

The company also sells skin care products especially for shaving (although who doesn't love a man with a little scruff?) that are guaranteed to leave his skin smooth, and burn/bump-free. The soaps also come in girly fragrances and are sold for women's shaving as well. So, there's something for you both! All the soaps smell delicious.. with scents like Chocolate Raspberry, Truly Pomegranate, Sea Kale, Safari Nights, and Kiwi Pear, how can you not find something you love?!  Overall, the products are au naturale and smell incredible! Check it out!


AsianCajuns said...

I love that packaging for the cologne. I'm going to check out the website right now!

Ashley said...

You know how I love natural products that smell yummy! Let me know what you think!

Unknown said...

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