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Friday, August 8


Red Felt Octopus -- I love the surprised expression!

I have been meaning to post about FattyCakes for a few weeks now, especially after meeting the owner/artist/incredibly creative woman behind it all, Jordan. She makes adorable, hand-sewn critters that would seem right at home at my beloved Anthropologie. I saw her work first-hand at a baby shower, and I wanted some of the little guys for myself! To quote the Etsy page, "fattycakes is all about cute, kitschy, and irreverent critters and the like! all critters and such are hand-made and sewn using my own patters."

Yellow Giraffe Print Whale -- Precious.

Grey Felt Robot Felt-Bot -- I love this guy's mismatched eyes!

Felt Toast Pin -- This would be so cute on a winter coat!

Red Felt Bird Plush -- This guy is just plain cute. I'd put him in a kitchen!

FattyCakes will also create custom orders and make things in a specific pattern/color if you like! I love that everything is made by hand, and the pricing is pretty great considering all the work that goes into each piece. Check out the Etsy shop or the blog and see it for yourself!

images courtesy of FattyCakes Etsy site


Atlanta Modern said...

Thanks so much for your sweet post! I was so excited when I saw something about fattycakes pop up on Lesley's blogroll under Hiking in Stilettos. It was so nice to finally meet you after hearing Les talk about you and reading your blog for so long.


AsianCajuns said...

I love fattycakes! They're so cute. I think they had a tent at the recent Indie Craft Experience.