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Sunday, August 24

Oh Preppy Day

I have been a fan of menswear shirts for quite some time, yet I tend to stay away from them because I feel that they make me look young. Part of this is due to the fact that my petite frame highlights the boxiness of said garments and also because they are usually just too big. This being said, I was quite the jolly roger when I stumbled upon a blue and white stripe button down at Tarjay that is the perfect fit. In an effort to downplay the masculine cut, yet highlight the preppy nature of the blouse, I paired it with layers of gold and pearl necklaces. I added a pair of gold loafers to complete my edgy-preppy (is that an oxymoron?) look. What do we think?

blouse and shoes, Target; jeans and necklaces, F21

Cooper really wanted to make a guest appearance in these photos, so I granted him that. 
He loves these shoes!

images copyright Hiking In Stilettos


Anonymous said...

Love the mix of pearls and cameo necklace with the "manly" shirt ~ very cute.

Unknown said...

Great mix. I usually go with a white shirt but I love the blue and white that you have chosen. The jewelry that you have added gives a great bling right down to the shoes. The cat goes well also.

AsianCajuns said...

That shirt fits perfectly! Love the styling :).