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Sunday, August 3

PR5: Episode Three

So sorry that I missed my Project Runway post last week. I also missed the episode and had to play catch-up online. Here are my favorites from this past week's episode: Bright Lights/Big City. The designers were sent out on a rainy night into NYC with digital cameras to capture images for their inspiration. They were to design and outfit/garment for a night out in the "big city." 
The asymmetrical shape of the dress makes it interesting. I can definitely see someone out in NYC in this dress.
The patterns and color of this dress are simply amazing, and I love the vintage feel.
I love the symmetry of the skirt, especially because her inspiration was a planter! It was very earthy and organic, yet industrial at the same time.
The best part of this in the open back on the blouse, which isn't visible here.


Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I guess it's just me in my disappointment at this season

hiking in stilettos said...

You know, dana, I am a bit disappointed as well. Out of all the garments I usually only love one or two. I definitely think there have been better seasons!

Annie said...

I really do think Leanne should have won. Her dress is really gorgeous..!