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Friday, September 12

Fall Inspiration

Despite the temperatures determined to remain above 80 degrees, there has been a slight cool breeze over the last couple of days (notice the heavy emphasis on slight). Still, I can feel that fall is finally on its way, and I cannot wait to break into some of my fall faves.

As I was rummaging through various Fall 2008 RTW collections, I noticed a trend that I plan on exploiting: pairings of solid jewel tones.. and only solid jewel tones. I am typically drawn more to patterns, but gone are the days in which I would say that outfits comprised solely of solids are plain. For example:

Proenza Schouler
The color combination here reminds me of changing leaves.
This look would be great for a holiday party, a night out, or even a professional situation.

Rachel Roy
Again, I am drawn to the vibrant solid of the dress. 
The feathers at the neckline add a great element of embellishment without being too overstated.

Michael Kors
Although I am not a huge fan of the jacket, the pairing of a chartreuse top and amethyst skirt is lovely. I would throw on a pair of raspberry or pumpkin tights to complete the look. 

Other looks that I love:

Equestrian-inspired Carolina Herrera
Aside from the amazing dress, I love the hat. The color keeps the look from being too overdone (remember all the brown tweed hats like this floating around last fall?), and the feather is just wonderful. 

Mad about plaid: D&G
Although it is a bit much piled together, I love each piece of this look individually.  I especially like the pairing of the plaid tights and dress. 

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1 comment:

AsianCajuns said...

I love the mixing of jewel tones. I'm definitely going to try to add a few more to my fall wardrobe!