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Saturday, November 22

I must have been hiding under a rock...

I stumbled upon indie artist Priscilla Ahn this past week at the Amos Lee show (which was beyond incredible) and immediately bought her album which is on repeat in my car. Based out of Los Angeles, Ahn has a distinctively angelic voice and a folk/modern sound that is uniquely her own. Not to mention that she is adorable. She reminds me of my friends the AsianCajuns in that she is petite, stylish, and has a really great personality. She was telling stories and jokes during her set, and I felt like she really enjoyed being there. Her set also included playing a harmonica, ukulele, and kazoo in addition to her guitar. That's right, a kazoo. And it was awesome! She is talented, funny, and charming, and you should definitely check out her new album. Click here for more info.

image courtesy of Priscilla Ahn
copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for the shout out! I love finding out about new artists. I don't even know that many of Amos Lee's songs, but he's cute and has my last name, so he's cool in my book ;).