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Monday, December 8

The Fashionista's Guide to the Great Outdoors: Vol. III: Skiing

It is that time of year again when snow flurries begin to fall and ski slopes begin their seasons. It's around this time of December that I long to live in places like Breckenridge, Vail or Lake Tahoe. Not only would some snow make the season more festive, the skiing in those cities is phenomenal. Although West Virginia does have its perks for those of us living in the southeast, there's just no comparison to the mountains of the west.

Like most of you, I simply cannot peruse through ski towns or carve down the slopes looking drab and dull. Among my favorite places to find ski apparel that fits my style are Urban Outfitters and Target for base layers and hoodies and Anthropologie for great scarves, hats, and non-ski gloves. You can also find some fun things at REI, especially warm socks, toboggans, ear warmers, etc.

Every layer is important when dealing with such frigid temperatures, but those layers can also be fun to wear. As I have mentioned before, your base layer is vital, so choose something along the lines of Under Armor. As long as you have something that will absorb water without letting heat out, you'll be golden. When it comes to skiing, I would definitely add long underwear beneath your ski pants and a layer of waterproof socks. If you are cold-natured like yours truly, I would suggest a layer of tights, then long underwear, then ski pants.

If you want something more fun and colorful, choose two to three colors and play with your layers. Honestly, not many people will see your base layers, but I personally like them to be as fun as possible. Also, bright colors show up well on the slopes and can help your friends identify you, so choose scarves, hats, and gloves in colors that you like. Another important accessory is goggles or sunglasses. If it is snowing, I would go with goggles, but if the weather is clear and sunny, sunglasses will do the trick.

When it comes to actual ski clothes such as insulated pants and jackets, I would definitely check places like Moosejaw, REI, and a local ski and sport store (Peter Glenn for you Georgians). Brands to look for include Roxy, Volcom,and Burton for some of the more fun colors and patterns. As for skis and snowboards, you really need to go have the bindings fit to your shoe size and board/skis fit to your expertise level.

Happy winter to you all and happy skiing to those of you who share my love of snow!

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