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Saturday, December 27

Letter Writing

Between writing letters, sending thank-you notes and Christmas cards, and creating New Year's invitations, I have had stationary on the brain. I also made a resolution to write letters more frequently since my Christmas epistles gained such a positive reaction. Thus, I have been tooling around to find some unique, artful stationary. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pine cone and Alphabet from Set Editions. Although not typically my style, I am drawn the elegant minimalism of the stationary from Set Editions.

Owl and Merci from Hammerpress
Not only do I adore Brady Vest's designs, the cards are environmentally sound. He also makes really great, unconventional wedding invitations....

Spring Trees, Quality Vintage, Artichoke, Flowering Trees from YeeHaw Industries. There are so many wonderful designs from YeeHaw, not to mention that their work is printed on post-consumer recycled paper!

Portrait, Famous Bicycle, and Rainy Day from Letterpress Delicacies. I love the fun, vintage-inspired designs printed on recycled paper. The critters are so cute, and the bicycle is reminiscent of France (two things that I absolutely adore)!

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AsianCajuns said...

I love all the great stationary that's out there now a-days. My favorite is the one with the cute owl on it!

Wendy said...

These are great choices! I especially love the ones with the trees and veggies. I also like the kraft envelopes, all the stuff that has a "natural" look to it. Nice selection!

I run a letter writing web site and I wandered over here from the Google blog search engine. I'm glad I did!

I.M. said...

love them all! the one with the owl is great!!

Ashley said...

AC, I think that one is my favorite, too, but it is so hard to decide with so many great options!

Wendy, thanks for stopping by! I looked up your site as well, and I love it! I am definitely going to stick with my resolution to write letters. It is such a personal way to make someone feel really great!

Fashion Carnival, thanks for reading! I'm pretty sure that I'm leaning towards the owl. :)