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Wednesday, December 10

Under the Tree...

I took a break from studying on Monday to do a bit of gift wrapping. Part of the reason that I love Christmas is giving gifts to the people that I love. Each year I try to do something a bit different with my wrapping without going too overboard. I just can't see spending a ton of money on paper, but I definitely want the gifts reflect the effort put into them. Also, I often try to use recycled papers or natural embellishments such as pine cones, cranberries, or pieces of old jewelry. 

I have a total of four nieces and nephews, and I absolutely love watching them open their gifts! This year I chose a bright, vintage-inspired set of wrapping paper for their presents. I fashioned a bow out of crumpled strips of the same or coordinating paper, and I am quite pleased with the result. I have found that although they may appreciate the pretty packaging, children tend to enjoy ripping it open a bit more, so I like to keep their packages slightly simpler.

I love the paisley print the most! The snowflakes were picked out by my nephews, and the other pink paper by my niece.

I love the use of vintage linens  in these two images from Martha Stewart. Napkins and tea towels work wonderfully for wrapping, especially when giving kitchen or home-oriented gifts. They are also really adorable for wrapping edible homemade goodies or wine bottles.

This is probably one of my top few favorites when it comes to wrapping. I used this idea last year, and it got great reviews! Instead of just using newspaper for your wrapping, find newspapers written in a foreign language, and then tie a coordinating bow around the middle. I used a french newspaper and solid color ribbons, and I loved the outcome. Martha Stewart suggests Japanese newsprint and a corresponding floral print ribbon, which looks great.

This is the paper that I will be using for my adult gifts this year. I love the simple elegance of the black and white and the use of cameos as embellishments. (I adore cameos in any setting.) I think I may also recycle some silver, sparkly broaches and charms to use as gift toppers as well. The wonderful thing about this paper? You can print it directly from the Martha Stewart website! Talk about convenience. 

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Sarah said...

These pcitures are so beautiful...especially yours! Thanks for sharing!

beccaweber said...

i think YOU look even cuter than the packages, darlin'.