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Sunday, January 11

Another Resolution

I know, I said that I don't believe in resolutions, but it seems that many of my friends (both in life and in blog life) have begun to rub off on me. Alas, I have adopted another resolution for the coming year and beyond.

It is safe to say that I have recently been in a sort of fashion identity crisis. I love everything in my closet, especially all of my shoes, but I often find that I wish to dress simpler (gasp!). What I mean is that I am tending to follow the "less is more" theory as of late, and it is actually a bit harder than one might think. I want a style that is more chic and put together without being too over the top. I want to dress older and more professionally without being boring.

Fashion Crisis,
by Marilyn Minter; credit

Some things that I have decided to do in an effort to really create my own style are:
1. Add more black to my wardrobe in distinct, special pieces.
2. Wear more skirts and dresses, especially with the lovely little booties in my closet.
3. Accessorize with distinct pieces, especially vintage jewelry, but only a bit.

Although I definitely have a vision for where I want my style to go, I recently found a wonderful source of inspiration. XS. The chic simplicity of her style is breathtaking. Each of the outfits that xs puts together inspires me to continue on my fashion remake.

Now, where do I begin?
To be continued....

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paanie said...

thanks ashley! you are too kind.

Anonymous said...

love the picture... but under no circumstances would i ever allow my shoes to fall to such disaster. to quote miss libby "save the shoes!"