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Wednesday, January 28

J'adore Dior

Some of my favorite inspirations from pre-Fall 2009....

Christian Dior combines feminine silhouettes and structure. I also love the splashes of red along with the grey and black. It is one of my favorite ways to add interest to an outfit. 

I also really adore this look from Givenchy, especially the structured nude sandals, and hope to recreate it in the near future.

Alexander McQueen was among my favorites mainly because of the playful equestrianism of his collection. 

Overall I found that black is the new black, and architectural femininity is key. What do you think, my lovlies? 

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copyright Hiking in Stilettos


AsianCajuns said...

In the past few years I haven't seen one Dior or McQueen collection that I didn't absolutely love. Too bad F21 doesn't do those types of knock-offs!

June Shin said...

I love the McQueen collection and the structured styles.

Erin said...

It totes suits you my dear.

Ashley said...

AC, I completely agree. I haven't seen a collection in a while that I haven't drooled over, and I would looove it if F21 would recreate them for us!

June, I love the structure and the femininity. It is often hard to combine the two. Thanks for reading!

E, erow. Je t'aime.

paanie said...

absolutely adore all. the dior blouse, givenchy look and last mcqueen ensemble are so fabulous.

Unknown said...

oh yes please all of it. thank you!