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Sunday, January 4

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Considering my love of Carolina Herrera's designs, I shouldn't be surprised to find that I adore her daughter's decorating taste as well. Domino magazine did an article on Carolina Herrera, Jr in May 2005, and I always seem to forget how much our styles match. Herrera blends feminine colors with interesting prints and textures for an unexpected but personal style.  

I love the combination of striped wallpaper, a leopard canopy, and blocked carpet. The mixing of patterns and textures throughout the room really gives it an eclectic, yet personal feel. 

The rug is simply incredible, especially since it is sitting on top of wall-to-wall carpet. This gives the bathroom/dressing room a cozy, comfortable feeling. 

I am quite fond of using a chalk board as a substitute for traditional cork inspiration board for many reasons, one being that it saves pictures from pushpin-sized holes.

images courtesy of Domino Magazine

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


beccaweber said...

hey did you just post a lot and backdate or did my computer just pull up an old cached version until i cleared my browsing history?

Ashley said...

Ha, no B. I posted like three things today that were schedule for the last two days, but they somehow never published until today. I dunno. Miss you.

AsianCajuns said...

Haha! A, I saved this in my "Inspiration Files" too! I didn't realize it was from 2005! I remember she had a really big ink drawing on her wall that I also loved. She's gorgeous, gets free designer clothes and an apartment in Plaza Mayor- color me green.

Angela said...

i really like how she mix prints.

Danz said...

I'm not a big fan of too many mixed prints and patterns when it comes to decor. I do like her high canopy bed and mirrors though!

Thanks for the tag dear, I'll try to work on that soon. Take care :)