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Friday, February 6

Denim Days

Although I am a devout Paige Denim girl when it comes to jeans, I decided that I'd like to give Levi's another try. I have found that Paige are really the only jeans that fit my frame will without making me look younger, but I am finding skinny leg Paiges to be few and far between. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Levi styles I like are a a bit hard to find as well, so I am contemplating ordering them from the online store. Here are the contenders:

1966 Skinny Jean (Re-issue)

High Rise Skinny

Skinny 531

Skinny 521

Of the four options, I would ideally only purchase one of the higher-rise pairs, and I am leaning towards the 1966 re-issue as they honestly look more authentic. I would pair them with a great strappy, chunky nude sandal for the spring. 

The other two lower rise pairs are in the running to replace my current pair of skinnys that have faded about fifteen shades since I bought them. I've been doing a bit of research to find a wash or dye that will renew my denim to its darkest shade without actually re-dyeing it. Any suggestions or opinions?? 



Angela said...

those look really good. hm... maybe i should give levi's a try again.

Anonymous said...

All the jeans look cute but i must say that i like the top the most. Very Ann Margret.

Winnie said...

I really like the second image of the high rise pair!

Girl With A Pearl said...

Well hello! i've nominated your blog for a award, enjoy!

Ashley said...

Savvy, I agree. I have (obviously) given Levi's a second chance/
FB, I am leaning towards the first pair as well. Definitely Ann Margret and definitely what I'm going for!
Winnie, I can't wait to find a great pair of high rise skinnys! I'll let you know what works best!
Pearl, hello! Thanks for reading and for the lovely nomination! <3