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Wednesday, February 11

In the Flesh

With daily temperatures in the 70s as of late, my mind cannot help but wander to sandals and summer. Although the cold weather is certain to return before Spring truly arrives, I began my quest for strappy/chunky sandals with the following contenders. I must say that although I have taken a hiatus from Steve Madden, the new collection for Spring has some really great designs. 

Azelia Lace Up Cut Out Boot, Topshop $160
Jessica Simpson Delanco, Piperlime $89Macy's $66.75
Patricia Field Salsa Sandal, Payless $38
Steve Madden Thierry Sandal, Steve Madden $169.95
Nine West Kentaro Sandal, Nine West $89
Calvin Klein Dali Sandal, Macy's $130
Calvin Klein Cali Sandal, Zappos $144.95
Nine West Snooks Sandal, Nine West $89

The problem was finding sandals that were unique without a three or four hundred dollar price tag. Although I am definitely of the "quality over quantity" theory, I tried to find more reasonable options. However, Piperlime has some really wonderful sandals in the pricier range, most of which are the Rachel Zoe picks. 

The Azelia boots are probably my favorite, although they don't exactly fit the sandal category. Which (if any) do you love?

*Edit: I apologize for the small image. I am having some formatting issues, but hopefully I will have it resolved soon!

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Kelley said...

Ashambedly, I like the Jessica Simpson ones! Really, all of them are great and make me want to get out the sundresses!

Katie said...

They are all cute, but my favorite ones are the Jessica Simpson sandals. I'm really tempted to buy them -- Jessica should pay you a referral fee!

Angela said...

these are cute. it's been so cold here lately, i can't think of spring yet. hopefully soon!

AsianCajuns said...

It's so funny, I've been looking for nude color sandals on for the past few days. I'm totally loving the CK Dali sandals.

Ashley said...

KLS and Katie, I love the Jessica Simpson ones too! I definitely think I deserve a referral or a free pair of sandals! Haha! While I was looking for sandals, however, I did find quite a few of her designs that I loved!

Savvy, I hope you get spring soon! After all the cold days, the sun is so welcome! Also, I'm looking forward to all the lovely spring attire you will share with us!

AC, that is really random! I definitely love the Dalis as well, especially the chunkier heel. Let me know if you find anything!

Lesley said...

Just found your blog and I think its great! :-)