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Saturday, May 23

Summer Reading

Among my favorite things about summer months are the lack of schoolwork and the endless amount of sunshine that call me towards libraries and bookstores to no end. I will often read through an entire novel in a matter of a day or two simply because I don't wish to put it down. I think it's a bit of an addiction, actually, but I figure there are vices much worse than literature. Here's my shortlist of summer reading thus far:

recommended by the lovely Jessie of The Lucky Stone

recommended by my girl, SmockandBustle

What is on your reading list, my lovelies? I can't wait for your suggestions!

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paanie said...

i'm working on completing the james bond series. it's a pretty fun collection!

AsianCajuns said...

Have you read "Ahab's Wife"? It's a commitment at 600+ pages, but it's really good. I've never read Moby Dick, but it's not necessary. The story and most of the writing is excellent.

Oh! Also, "A Year of Wonders" by Geraldine Brooks. Soooo good!

Angela said...

I have recently finished Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, all in one week. Lots of sleepless nights but good easy read.

June Shin said...

Ooh, this is great! I've been looking for some reading suggestions. I've just finished Chasing Harry Winston and the Manny, because I needed some mindless fluff. Other great ones are Pillars of the Earth, The Historian, Time Traveler's Wife.

Happy Reading!

Unknown said...

i second june's suggestion of 'a time travelers wife'. i read it was one of madonna's favorite books so bonus if you're ever trapped in an elevator with her, you'll have at least one talking point! i'm reading chuck palahniuk's 'pygmy' right now- everything he writes is fantastic!

Jessie said...

Oooh, LOVE sharing reading lists. :) Can't wait to add your suggestions to my own!

Unknown said...

I just read The Dogs of Babel, and it's wonderful. A little dark, but so great!

Ashley said...

Thanks to you all for your suggestions! My list is getting so long, and I love it!