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Thursday, June 11

{catching up}

So it is finally the weekend for me, and I now have a chance to catch up on reading all of my favorite blogs and responding to your comments on my posts. Let me just say that I absolutely love getting emails that tell me one of you lovelies has left a comment on my blog. It really makes my day :)

That being said, I received the sweetest award from my friends, the AsianCajuns. Theirs is one of my daily clicks, so I was incredibly flattered. Merci, mes amies!

To further cement my reader-induced blog-euphoria, the lovely Arlynn of Fleur De-licious tagged me with a Summer Blog Tag. {Seriously, I'm blushing!} Here are my top five favorite things about summer:

1. eating ice cream outside on the town square
{italian coffee is my favorite flavor}
2. sandals, wedges, and peep-toes galore!
3. reading books merely for pleasure instead of studying them
4. driving with the windows down and listening to bob dylan and tom petty
5. morning runs at 7am while it's still cool out
{there's something about the cool of early summer mornings. its like a special secret, not meant for anyone to know of, and you are lucky to be a part of it. the air is tinged with moisture but not humidity, the birds are barely awake, and the world is still in silent slumber. it's very quiet and very magical.}

But my most favorite thing about this summer.... is planning my wedding!

What about you, lovely readers? What are your favorite things about summer?

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1 comment:

la flore et la faune said...

Hello, congratulations for your wedding. Where will it be ? In France ? Bonne soirée !