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Sunday, June 7

Coveted Item No. 23

I have long been on the search for the quintessential leather jacket, ideally from a thrift store, complete with worn patches around the elbows and softened leather from years of use. In my imagination, it is a light brown, 70s inspired piece that would complement dresses, skirts, and dark-wash skinnies. Unfortunately, it seems that this jacket exists only in my imagination, and so I have moved on to what is available at UO. 

Option No. 1:
I love the caramel color of the one,  but the pocket on the sleeve seems a bit out of place on a leather jacket.

Option No. 2
This one is a bit more streamlined, but it is only available in black. Also, I am not entirely sure that I want it to be cropped.

So, I need your help, my lovelies! What are your opinions regarding these jackets? Perhaps you know of a great place to find the {perfect} leather jacket? :)

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1 comment:

beccaweber said...

i say keep looking! i got one (more bomber like than these) last year from target that was faux leather but no one can tell. i love it to pieces! i'm sure the right one will wander over.

in the meantime, check your thrift stores! i'm betting somewhere like lucky exchange in atlanta might be a good hunting ground.