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Monday, June 22

{so} inspired

Ever since K and I moved into our new, spacious apartment, I have had redecorating on the brain. Unfortunately for K, this is not such a new concept for me as I am constantly rearranging things in our home... everything from vases and pictures to sofas and armories. Whenever I get bored or have the need to feel accomplished, I rearrange. I simply love the feeling of creating something new from things that I already own. Some may call it unnecessary frivolity, but I like to think of it as decor recycling.

Since we've combined our two apartments into one, and since we've both lived on our own for over six years, we have tried really hard to minimize our clutter and keep only the necessary items. Unfortunately, some of the necessary items are in need of replacement. {ie the $5 pots and pans that I bought from TJ Maxx in college} Besides, isn't getting new things that we both love part of the fun of getting married?

The turquoise walls in this kitchen are so lovely! If only I could paint our walls!

I absolutely adore this kitchen which belongs to Hannah Berman of Pie Bird Press. The coupling of the turquoise with red is so very lovely. As much as I would love to adhere to a two-color palate, I find that I would miss all the green in my kitchen. I am thinking a modified version of the above scene with pops of avocado and lime green thrown in. I can't get rid of my 1960s, retro green blender, can I? Not to mention all the vintage tins I so adore...

I have been wanting to create a collage over the kitchen sink, and I think this is just the inspiration I needed. Now I am on the search for vintage-inspired posters and am planning a search for record albums and music fliers in a red and turquoise theme.

In fact, I am inspired by Hannah's entire house. I often feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to incorporate my feminine, vintage taste with K's masculine outdoorsiness and simplicity. Although I did recently find a beige zebra rug that looks wonderful in our bedroom! Hannah's home seems to have a sense of vintage charm as well as a laid-back comfortableness that I desire in my own home.

all above images found here
merci mme berman!

Here are a couple other ideas that I love from the home of Olga Naiman, creative director and prop stylist who worked regularly for Domino Magazine. Her home exudes style in every room without being overbearing.

images found here courtesy of Ms. Naiman
I will definitely be looking for a valance to place over the kitchen sink nook!

The use of cinder blocks as a bed frame is ingenious {shoe storage!} and also brings a bit of industrial chic to the bedroom.

The task of home-making is a bit daunting seeing as I am unable to paint walls or remove carpet for hardwood floors, but I am confident that after a bit of tweaking, a few DIY projects, and a few wedding gifts, our new apartment will soon take on the shape of our new home. Not just our individual stuffs sitting next to each other, but a space that we can share and enjoy while building a life together.

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Ali said...

LOVE these pics, especially the first.

My Step-Mommy is an interior decorator and "interior recycles" constantly. I am not sure she knows she does it anymore... I always think the housekeeper has stolen my favorite picture frame at their house, but inevitably its been moved from piano to end table.

Have fun!


beccaweber said...

you're such a nester!

also, yeah. those are some seriously inspirational pics.

paanie said...

oh how fun! i can't wait to see what you decide to do.