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Tuesday, June 9

trouser talk

Although I absolutely adore my dresses and skirts due to their overt femininity, I have recently decided that skirts and work simply do not mix. At least not in my field. Squatting, climbing, and bending whilst running around a pharmacy for 8-10 hours a day really necessitates trousers. Not to mention that a lab coat often looks a bit odd when placed over a frilly dress.

Alas, I am on the hunt for the perfect slacks. Of course there are the proverbial black cigarettes that make their rotation approximately three times week, but I am growing weary of wearing only them. I should like a bit more variety in my choice of trousers. Here are some of my favorites thus far.

1. Pleated Carrot Trousers, Anthropologie 
4. Cross-Front Crops, Anthropologie
5. Dance Floor Jumper, Anthropologie

Tomorrow brings a trip to H&M during which I will search for things along these lines. Any suggestions for my perfect-trouser mission? 

copyright Hiking in  Stilettos

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Let us know how it goes! I could use a few new pairs myself. :)