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Monday, July 13

asian lettuce wraps {how-to}

i love food
and i love cooking food,
especially when it is both healthy and delicious.

last week k and i decided to try homemade asian lettuce wraps,
and they were scrumptious!
{and the recipe is oh-so-simple, added bonus!}
our {frozen} veggie spring rolls completed the meal perfectly

mince 1 clove of garlic and saute in olive oil,
add in ground chicken/turkey* breast & cook until no longer pink
add frozen edamame beans and a splash of soy sauce
{if using any other frozen veggies, add them in with the edamame}
once the beans have cook for about 5 min,
add in some chopped carrots (fresh)
stir in thai-peanut sauce until the veggie/meat mixture is well covered
let that cook for another 5 minutes,
and add in a couple handfuls of sliced almonds
simmer for a just few minutes to brown the almonds

pull off a few long leaves of romaine hearts,
top with the chicken/veggie mixture,
and enjoy!

*i used ground turkey breast, but i think chicken would be better
also, you could use a lean ground beef if you prefer.
for the lettuce, i bought stalks of romaine hearts,
but iceberg would work as well.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Ali said...


Anonymous said...

looks great! I love healthy meals tho am quite lazy when it comes to me preparing it!

a frock a day said...

Yummy! I think I'll try this out. :)