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Friday, July 17

{constant} obsesison: retro red lipstick

it's no secret that i love color,
that much is evident by a quick peek into my closet,
but something you may not know, is that i am obsessed with retro red lipstick.
{evidence here and here}

ever since my high school days of trying to be audrey hepburn,
i have been in love with the vintage, feminine, and classic look of red lips. just that pop of color can completely transform an outfit and change the entire look of the garments.

here are some recent inspirations for retro red lips:

image from GQ Magazine

image from W magazine

image from W Korea

image found here

image from GQ Magazine

what about you, my lovelies? what are some of your favorite beauty staples?
what do you do to completely transform a look?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Vagabond said...

Hey doll,

I just saw your previous post and I was wondering if you can email me an invitation.


Cheers xox,

Ashley said...

Thanks for reading Roxanne! I tried to send you the Gilt invitation, but it didn't go through. I sent it to Is that right?

Unknown said...

amy adams looks so fantastic in all that marc jacobs! i just saw 'julie & julia' and she looks much much much much less glam in it. my friend compared her miranda on SATC season one (yup, that bad).