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Saturday, August 15

ace of spades

{one of my favorite kate spade ads}

my love affair with kate spade began when i saw my first pair of ks heels.
they were sleek, subtly sexy, vintage-inspired, and pink,
{everything my pre-teen self could ever want}
and i was completely hooked.

since then i have loved kate in everything from heels to china,
always finding something from her collection that i adore.
now, with her fall 2009 apparel debut, i am as in love with kate as ever.

vintage inspiration
vibrant colors
feminine silhouettes
mixing of patterns
colorful tights
bright lips

oh, kate. how i do love you.
{see more of my favorite ks ads here}

all images from kate spade
copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Ali said...

Have I told you how I worked for K. Spade last year??? To welcome new employees you were allowed any pair of shoes in the store for only $25...

And OH the discounts... I am chock full!!!

Ashley said...

Alison! Can I please travel back in time to that year?! What a great welcome :) I am officially jealous!

a frock a day said...

Doesn't she have the best ads? I love the pictures you posted and I'm dreaming about the owl bag and the zebra coat. Absolutely gorgeous!

Unknown said...

i love ALL of these ks images!!! the red tights are killing me!