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Monday, August 3


So, my friend and talented author of this blog asked me to guest post for her while she's trapped away at camp-- with no internet and limited access to phone-- (poor girl. Nothing about that sounds appealing). I'm Ashley, from Kindredly, and if you read my blog, you know that my blog is nothing like HiS....and this has me a little....nervous.

HiS is chock full of all things I love...and would love to write so eloquently about, but it's physically impossible for me to do so. I don't know if I'm just not as sweet as our author or what.... Either way, I'm going to try to make you readers happy and live up to your expectations.

I've done nothing but agonize over today's topic because I highly doubt you care to hear about my hectic day at the office. I can write a novel about my hectic days at the office. I have desk to forehead contact daily, people.

Just as I thought I'd have to let everyone down and not post at all, I found a new Steve Madden email in my inbox gearing up for fall and advertising new styles. Since a lot of this blog is devoted to fashion and how to look awesome on a budget, I decided to share a few of my favorites from the new fall collection (along with one pair that's on sale...woo!).
I love, love, love these booties, and they must become part of my shoe collection now. I'm a sucker for nude because I have really short legs, and from my experience, nude shoes elongate short, stubby legs and transform them into long, sexy stems.
I'd have to see these on my feet because some of these shoes look like stripper shoes when you actually get them on. Again, I gravitated toward the neutral, but this shoe also comes in black.
Sale: $50. I've been throwing around the idea of wearing flats. If you know me personally, you know that I wear heels almost 100% of the time (it's summer now, so I'm typically in dresses or skirts and flip flops). In college, my uniform was quite unfortunate and consisted of tattered jeans, a sorority/fraternity t-shirt and stilettos. I will have zero use of my knees by the time I'm 50, fo sho. I'm thinking if I'm going to start experimenting with flats, they better be pointy to help with the short leg issue. The studded detail on the back helps too.

I can wishlist post all day long, but I suppose I better not wear out my welcome. Go to the Steve Madden website and check out all the great shoes for fall, and I'll check you guys on Wednesday.


Katie said...

Good job on the guest post, Ashley! I love all of those shoes (even the stripper ones).

Sole Matters said...

great post! nude shoes really elongate short legs?

Unknown said...

Katie- Thanks for the support! Yay!

Sole Matters- um..yesss...or at least I feel like they do. I have a pair from Nine West that is the exact color of my skin...when I put them on, I always feel like my legs look longer. Try it! Unfortunately, I should have bought the NW pumps in bulk because I can't replace my original pair. They are completely worn out and no longer sexy.

AsianCajuns said...

Oh these are gorgeous- terrific job on the post, guestie ;)

Ashley said...

I am seriously loving Steve Madden right now. I go through phases with SM shoes... I agree with you about the nude heels. It definitely makes me look taller, and we all know I could use a few inches :)