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Monday, September 28

longing for adventure

it's about this time of year,
when the leaves think of changing color
and cooler mornings begin to come our way,
that i begin to look for adventures.

this usually manifests as countless camping and hiking trips.
weekends are spent climbing mountains,
grilling over open fires,
taking pictures of changing leaves,
and reading lecture notes beside a campfire.

tate city, fall 2008

this year seems a bit different, though.
instead of longing for just weekends away,
i am wishing for a real adventure...
a cross-country,
multiple week,
time in the car,
isolated get-away...

luckily, we have a honeymoon to colorado in the works,
and trust me, i am counting down the days.

however, my longing for adventure has led me to these great finds.
incredible trips that are definitely on the agenda
at some later date in time.

1. the lincoln highway
the lincoln highway was america's first trans-continental highway,
originating in 1913.
it spans 3400 miles from coast to coast,
from new york to san francisco.
click here for a brief history of the lincoln highway
a great road trip idea,
with some really cool places to stay along the way.
the grand view point hotel in the 1930s

2. redwood national park: fern canyon
a road trip to california
for a chance to experience the redwood forest?
yes, please.
not only do i want to walk among the tall redwoods
and try to stretch my arms around them,
i want to walk through fern canyon,
surrounded by 40-foot walls blanketed with ferns.

3. backpacking the blue mist: great smoky mountains
k and i took a road trip to gsm national park a few years ago,
and i have been wanting to return ever since.
the blue smoke the area is famous for is a result of plant respiration,
and it is hauntingly beautiful.
imagine waking to a cool fall morning,
crisp air layered by pale blue fog,
sitting by a campfire, drinking strong coffee,
just taking it all in...

there are so many places to visit within the states alone;
i can't even begin to think internationally...
the list of adventures is just too extensive.

{on a side note, my friends, the asiancajuns
just returned from a trip to NOLA.
visit their site to read about it!}

and you, lovely reader,
where would you go in search of adventure?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Sean said...

let's go on a mini, athens restaurant adventure. nothing too fancy: simple food, drinks and good friends. digs?

Unknown said...

I want to do all of those things.

Unknown said...

When you go to Fern Canyon, check out They offer great cabins (fully-furnished) and guided ecotours, rentals (great way to check out Redwood National Park, but you might have to practice riding in heels) Kayaking, Horseback rides, and fishing trips. They are located 100yrds from the road to Fern Canyon in Redwood National Park

Ashley said...

Grant, thanks for the tip! I am hoping that we will get out there sometime this spring. Biking would definitely be a great way to see the park! I may have to leave the heels in the cabin, though, and stick with my MTB shoes ;)