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Thursday, October 29

driving tunes

my daily commute totals a bit over two hours each day
along lovely country roads,with no traffic
and plenty of adorable farm animals to look at.
{last week i had to stop and let a group of roosters cross the road. no joke.}

considering that it is usually dark outside when i begin my commute,
i often need some really great music to pick me up.
i like things a bit more upbeat in the morning,
{to prevent me from falling asleep}
and i often use the drive home to unwind a bit.

here's my list of recent favorites....

in the morning:

in the afternoon:

what are your favorite driving tunes?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Sean said...

Haha Fly Leaf in the morning awesome. Go up to Dom one of these days and say "I'm so sick!!!" he'll get a kick out of it.

I start off w/ Jump from Van Halen's 1984 album and the afternoon tunes vary including songs and artists I really hate myself for listening to.

Ace said...

When it's sunny, I love The Thrills, they're happy california style music. I love Grace Potter and the Nocturnals for long road trips as is Ryan Adams. Bon Iver is great in the morning as are Fleet Foxes. I like Passion Pit for the afternoon.

AsianCajuns said...

Genius tunes, A -- and I am so impressed that you drive that much every day and make the most of it!