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Wednesday, November 25

bright tights

one of my favorite things about cold weather
is the chance to break out some of my brightly colored tights.
with colors ranging from cobalt to mustard to emerald to bulldog red,
there is a pair for every skirt or dress in my closet.

sometimes it's difficult to incorporate colored tights into ones wardrobe
without looking like a box of crayola crayons.
here are some of my favorite inspiration looks:

from magazines:

from other bloggers:
image credit:
image credit: taghrid

from anthropologie {of course}:

my best advice for wearing colored tights is to do one of two things:
1. stick with one color and play with varying shades
{ie, pink & red in the first photo; yellow in the fourth photo}
2. pair two colors that compliment each other
{ie, purple and yellow, blue and white, gold and green}

what is your advice for bright winter tights, my lovelies?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


jlc said...

J'adore ton blog!!

June Shin said...

I love colored tights, but I personally don't own any. I may have to finally purchase some and brighten up my winter wardrobe.

Unknown said...

love this post- so inspiring! i've been layering my loud, solid color tights with lace ones to get some texture.