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Monday, December 28

first time follies

this holiday was the first time i attempted
to make a blueberry pie from scratch.

i have made pies with my mom before, but let's be honest,
she's a master baker/cook and told me exactly what to do.
this year i was completely on my own.
{with a little help from husband}

{my favorite part was the lattice top.}

it was definitely a fun adventure,
but i think that my pie-making skills need some polishing.
the blueberry pie i made tasted pretty good,
but it looked like a small disaster.

{the is the pre-baked version. it looks a lot better than its baked counterpart.}

the crust hung over the side of the pie plate a bit,
so when it baked, the crust burned and fell off the side.
apparently i was supposed to cover the crust with foil.

despite its slightly ragged appearance,
the first ever ashley-made blueberry pie tasted quite delish.

for more pie inspirations, watch this movie.
i love it.
happy baking.

copyright Hiking in Stilettos

1 comment:

Ace said...

Oh gosh that looks gorgeous! Well done on the lattice top, I always mess that up.