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Friday, January 1

baby, it's cold outside

i love cold weather.
i love the chilly air and the snow it brings.
i am also incredibly cold-natured.
as in, i take a light cardigan to the beach, cold-natured.

so i know you must be thinking,
"how in the world did you survive colorado?"
well, my dears, i did a lot of layering.

i also wore a lot of hats.
this one is actually a headband,
but it is big enough to cover my ears.
i love the bright blue and the fun crochet flowers.

vest, american eagle; cardi & boots, target; jeans, the loft; headband, charming charlies; scarf, from a friend <3

do you layer up against the cold, too?
what do you wear to stay warm in the cold weather?

copyright Hiking in Stilettos


Danielle said...

U look SO chic in the snow! Love the bright yellow. Atlanta really needs some snow ;)

Unknown said...

cute!! love layered, colorful snow outfits! xoxo

Unknown said...

love how you grounded the bright yellow with the cranberry long sleeve- you look so cozy and pretty!

AsianCajuns said...

I am going to scour your blog for all your layering posts because I'm going to Seattle in a month - and then a cabin. This AsianCajun is quaking in her impractical boots at the thought! ;)

Ashley said...

fell, thanks lady! i agree. some snow in the south would be great!

olivia, i love bright colors in the winter!

katie, thanks! i was definitely cozy in all my layers. it's the only way i survived!

ac, i will try to post more layering/colorado outfits for you! ha, i had to break down and buy those boots from target. my wellies aren't insulated & boots weren't waterproof. i'd definitely recommend it!

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

bright colours suit you so well! i love layering, it's part of what i love the most about winter :)