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Saturday, January 9

mark your calendars

when i read about this installation on atlanta's daily candy, i was so very intrigued and excited that i knew i had to share it with you. then, i headed over to check on the asiancajuns and found that they are super excited about it too! now i know i really must share. :)

for those of you in the atlanta area {or the new york area for that matter}, mark you calendars for an incredible artistic display. amy flurry {style writer/editor} and nikki salk {owner of addiction boutique} are showing a sculptural paper installation that looks absolutely wonderful.

you have from now until february 5th to see the installation. i think i will probably wait to go until next weekend when the temperatures aren't quite so frigid. read about the project here and get exact info for your respective cities. also you can look at all the lovely pieces!

images copyright Mali Azima 2009
via paper-cut-project
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