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Thursday, January 21

you know you're an adult when...

... you get super excited over the prospect of new cookware and appliances.

the background story:
lately our blender has been leaking from the bottom, spilling strawberry-banana-chocolate-soy-milk smoothies all over our white counter tops and into the blender base. it also has the tendency to spew chocolate soy milk out of the lid during its mixing process for no apparent reason. then, our saute pan decided to flake off into our scrambled eggs the other day. i guess that's what i get for buying the adorable, inexpensive pink pan from tj maxx.

i did a bit of research regarding which are the "safest" types of cookware {ones that won't flake off and give us cancer}, which are the longest-lasting, and which are the most eco-friendly. i basically found that stainless steel and cast iron are the way to go with pots/pans, and aluminum or glass is best for baking. as for cookies sheets, i would like to find one that is 100% aluminum, but i may just get a silicone liner for the cheap ones we have now.

so, husband and i are going to make a trek to macy's this weekend to use some of our gift card money from the wedding {it's a good thing we have gift cards. i never realized how expensive blenders and pans could be!} to purchase one/some of the following:

{a turquoise kitchenaid blender}

{a silpat liner for cookie sheets}

{stainless steel saute pan/deep skillet}

{cast iron skillet}
we received a martha stewart enameled cast iron casserole for our wedding that i absolutely love, so i am leaning towards the cast iron option. also, the idea of not having to replace them {at least for a reallllly long time} is incredibly appealing.

our need for new cookware really has me rethinking all of the cheap bakeware and pans from target and tj maxx that got me through college. i am really looking forward to investing in a few key pieces that will be healthier for us and will last much longer.

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Unknown said...

i'm getting heart palpitations over the aqua cast iron pan- i must be an adult! :)

April said...

hahah so true - i'm a freshman in college and i can't wait to buy all my own appliances for when i finally live off campus!